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Local Authorities Still Investigating Oakland Shooting • Mirror Daily

Over 8 persons were injured in the event that took place Saturday morning.

Local authorities from Oakland, California are still trying to make heads or tail of the Oakland shooting, an event which took place on Saturday morning. At the moment, the investigators are still trying to track down and identify all the victims as well as the culprits.

According to the news reports which arrived on site after the mass shooting took place, at least eight victims were identified. However, the number can be even higher taking into account the fact that the nightclub is very close to Frank Ogawa Plaza and the town’s City Hall.

The official police reports regarding the incident state that sometime after midnight, the local police department received a call from a citizen who reported hearing gunshots near that location. In addition, several officers who were on patrol that evening have also reported hearing shots and moved in to investigate.

When the police arrived at the scene of the crime, they have identified eight victims, although they speculate that the number can be even higher. Acting Lieutenant Rachel Van Sloten, one of the police officer who responded to the distress call said that upon arriving, she and her colleagues discovered several victims and began transported them to the local hospital.

Fortunately, all the victims identified did not have life-threatening injuries and required little medical attention.

According to the police department’s official statements, it would seem that the Oakland shooting was the result of a verbal altercation between several individuals which took place at the nightclub. Witnesses inside the club declared that there could have been three or more gunmen.

Up until now, the police department from Oakland was unable to find any of the gunmen. In order to expedite the case, several investigators from the Oakland Police Department Felony Assault Section have been assigned to the case.

In addition, the investigators are also on the lookout for other victims. From all witness accounts,  the police department has determined that other victims might have fled the crime scene in order to seek medical attention.

Officers are now seeking out these victims as to question them regarding the identity of the assailants. Although the incident resulted in no human loss, the authorities are worried that this seemingly isolated event might encourage other groups to resolve altercations by using firearms and wounding innocent bystanders in the process.

Image source: Flikr

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