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The Long Beach police has revealed details surrounding a sinister plot that a 47 year-old woman and an accomplice had devised, concerning the kidnapping of two infants, which ended with the death of a 3-week old baby girl and the shooting and beating of four other persons.

Gisangelique Rene D’Millian, from Ventura County Thousand Oaks, and 29-year old Anthony McCall from Vista were arrested for masterminding and executing a plan which aimed at the kidnapping of two infants earlier this year. Two other individuals were also arrested under accusation of being accessories to a crime.

The plot started when D’Millian falsely informed her married boyfriend that she had given birth to twins fathered by him while being abroad. After this, she planned to kidnap two infants so that she could present them to him as her own. She then resolved to falsely claim that she started a charity organization for mothers of newborn children, with the aim of identifying possible targets.

Through the alleged charity she then learned about three-week old Eliza Delacruz, following her and her mother as they boarded a Long Beach bus on January 3rd. She also trailed them on foot until they reached the woman’s house, where D’Millian engaged her in a normal conversation about her child.

Two hours later, McCall attacked Delacruz’s house with a gun, kidnapping her and wounding both her parents and uncle. Little Eliza was found shot dead next day in a dumpster in Imperial Beach, over 100 miles away from Long Beach. There is no information regarding the reason for which the infant was murdered.

The disturbing plot did not stop here, as only a month later the two planned to kidnap another infant they had learned about from the false charity, a 4-month old boy from the LA county city of El Segundo.
This time, McCall followed the mother to an El Segundo motel, where he viciously assaulted her with a baseball bat, but could not kidnap the infant as he was forced to flee when motel employees that heard the victim’s cries came to check up on her. The duo was caught after witnesses provided information about their appearance and D’Millian’s car.

“In my notes, I had the word ‘evil’ several times, and my staff told me to take it out but I can’t summarize it any other way,” commented Long Beach Police Chief Robert Luna in a news conference.

D’Millian and McCall are accused of murder, kidnapping, conspiracy and assault, and they will appear before court on Friday. Two other persons, 44-year old Todd Boudreaux and 30-year old Charisse Shelton were also retained in connection to the case, being accused of facilitating either the crimes or attempted escape of suspects, but no details have been made public about their level of involvement in the plot.

Image Source: LA Times

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