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Louisiana Teachers Accused of Bullying a Child in Class • Mirror Daily

Two Louisiana elementary school teachers have been arrested for bullying a student.

According to a St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, two elementary school teachers has recently been detained and accused of interfering in school operations and intimidation. The authorities have reasons to believe that the two individuals bullied a student on several occasions, and encouraged other students to act in the same manner.

Louisiana Elementary School Teachers Arrested

Bobby Guidroz, of the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office, told the reporters that 44-year-old Ann Marie Shelvin and 50-year-old Tracy Gallow had been taken into custody for bullying a student. According to Guidroz, the investigation began shortly after the student’s mother contacted the authorities and told them that her son was mistreated at school, not by his colleagues, but by Anne Marie Shelvin, one of the child’s teachers.

According to the boy’s mother, on more than one occasion, the elementary school teacher belittled the child and bullied him. Moreover, the woman’s affidavit states that she used to threaten the whole class if they did not join her sick game.

Teachers Pushed and Yelled at the Boy

Albeit uncommon for a teacher to behave like this, it would appear that Shelvin’s bullying managed to cross a very thin line. Guidroz told the reporters that that boy’s mother accused Shelvin of telling her son that he is unimportant and that the world would be a better place if he committed suicide.

Following the woman’s complaint, Shelvin was suspended from teaching, placed into custody and charged with intimidation and interfering with school operations. However, the woman’s victory was to be short-lived, as another bully teacher stepped up to take Shelvin’s place.

According to Bobby Guidroz, after Shelving got suspended, 50-year-old Tracy Gallow took her place. Unfortunately, the attacks against the boy did not cease but grew more violent instead. After reviewing the security footage from a surveillance camera mounted in the boy’s classroom, the authorities saw Gallow yelling at the boy, in the same manner as her predecessor.

Moreover, it appears that one occasion, the elementary school teacher from Louisiana can be seen on tape pushing the child while yelling at him. Of course, following the mother’s complaint, the woman was arrested and may face the same charges as her colleague.

Meanwhile, Patrick Jenkins, the Louisiana elementary school’s superintendent has begun a formal inquiry to determine why Shelvin and Gallow, her colleague, bullied the boy. As for the two suspects, they have recently been charged with intimidation and interfering with school operations.

Image source: Pixabay

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