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Lover’s Quarrel Turns into Aggravated Murder in Utah • Mirror Daily

Lover’s quarrel nearly turned into a bloodbath after a woman stabbed his boyfriend in the chest.

A lover’s quarrel might have turned into a tragic event after a woman stabbed her boyfriend in the chest. The events took place on Saturday night in a Kearns residence. Police officials are investigating the nature of the domestic squabble which ended with a critical stabbing injury.

Lieutenant Brian Lorhke, an officer from the Unified Police Department, declared that events leading to the woman’s arrest began with two 911 calls from the Kearns neighborhood. The callers said that one man was severely wounded following a domestic incident.

Upon arriving on the scene, the officers discovered a critically wounded 39-years old man. Eyewitnesses declared that the man was stabbed at least one time in the chest after he a lover’s quarrel with his 22-year-old girlfriend.

The couple shared a home for some time, and, apparently, they would get into arguments more than often. Lorhke declared that sometimes during the evening, the couple began a fiery argument. At some point during their verbal spar, the woman drew out a knife and stabbed his boyfriend in the chest.

The police official declared that there were other people in the house at the time the woman stabbed the man and that one of them initiated the first emergency call. As for the other call, according to the authorities, after he was stabbed by his girlfriend, the man managed to get out of the house before the woman could have the chance to strike another blow to bring her lover’s quarrel to an end.

After leaving the house, the man headed straight to his neighbor’s house, who called the police and told them about what transpired. When the officials arrived, they’ve arranged for the man to be transported to the Intermountain Medical Center, where he underwent emergency surgery after his near-death experience.

According to the doctors, the man was brought in critical conditions, but they’ve managed to stabilize him for the time being. However, they have declared that the man’s condition is still life-threatening and that his road to recovery will be hard and strenuous.

As for the woman, the authorities arrested her at the scene and was taken to the police station, awaiting trial. The woman will have to answer for numerous charges, including attempt murder.

The Unified Police Department’s spokesperson refused to disclose the identities of victim and attacker, not the reason why their lover’s quarrel turned into attempted murder.

Image source: PublicDomainPictures

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