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Main Highlights at Google’s I/O Conference – Google's Live Blog • Mirror Daily

The official Google I/O 2015 banner for developers’ conference which is due to take place on the 28th and the 29th of May at Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.

There is only one more day left until the much-awaited developers’ event at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California will take place. As the countdown continues, here are the main highlights at Google’s I/O Conference.

As days unfold analysts become more and more certain about the main subjects that the search giant will address during the I/O conference this year. It comes as no surprise that Google’s approaching Android M will most likely be present at the event. While an official launching of the project is still far from getting materialized, tech savvies believe the San Francisco convention will definetely see the presentation of some of the main features of the new operating system.

As Google has accustomed its users in the past, the new M version could also feature a cake-inspired name. This aspect alone has triggered Internet users’ curiosity, who have all competed against each other hoping that they could guess the name that the company will choose.

To put it in Shakespeare’s words, that which we call an Android M / By any other name would… feature the same advanced specifications. Although Google did not make an official declaration about its future intentions related to the M system, there have been numerous hints suggesting the software is addressing the business segment. As a consequence, M users will enjoy improved battery management, efficient RAM and password-free ID authentication. The latter feature gives manufacturers the possibility to easily install fingerprint sensors on their devices.

Software news will not be the only novelties that Google will introduce at the event. The conference is mainly about daring enterprises being carried out by developers; therefore, we should expect to receive updates about Google’s plans on ARA project and virtual reality headsets. The search firm started producing Cardboard VR hardware last year, so it’s about time Google made new announcements for these divisions.

Advanced hardware is expected to be in the spotlight during the two-day event. This mostly because Android Wear is now the main focus of Google’s developers. The smartphone accessories have suffered numerous improvements until now, but new advanced features are expected for this year.

Google won’t make any important launches during this year’s event. The company did not provide information in relation to a possible smartphone or tablet being added on the market. Nevertheless, the final quarters of the fiscal year could see the launching of a new gadget from Google.

Analysts hope Google will cast light on some of the aspects that have remained unsolved so far. Google Plus, the search giant’s social network, has fallen into oblivion in the past years as it has failed to reach the desired objectives (or better said, to successfully compete against Facebook). The future evolution of the platform is one matter that analysts would like to clarify during the I/O conference.

Google’s conference will continue the tradition that the company has set in the past. Developers need not worry that things will get too technical as the Cupertino firm plans to keep guests entertained with director Justin Bin’s short film and lots of 3D imaging techniques from its Tango project.
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