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Make Your Shop Lists. Facebook Introduces New “Buy” Button • Mirror Daily

Facebook introduces new shopping section in order to stimulate e-commerce companies’ engagement on the sociaal network.

As of today, you may begin to make your shop lists. Facebook introduces new “Buy” button, according to a recent press release published on BuzzFeed. The news have been confirmed by the social network, who has further stated that the company plans to change their pages into regular mini storefronts.

Facebook is no longer a social network, if we were to judge by the wide palette of online services that the company guarantees to its users. The most recent announcement related to a possible change that the company is making refers to the introduction of a new “Buy” button.

Many other shopping-related changes will later on, be effected by developers at the social network in order for Facebook pages to become regular mini storefronts. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the social network, has confirmed the recent rumor and has even provided us with some insights on the new looks of Facebook.

According to Zuckerberg, the new “Buy” button will be available both on the desktop and the mobile versions of the platforms. The shopping feature is currently tested by a small group of users and e-commerce platforms, the CEO stated. Once the storefronts become reliable enough, the new feature will be available for all Facebook users, even though release dates may vary from one country to another.

Based on the description provide by the social network, a new “shopping” section will be added to the mobile version of the platform, where users can get the full view of the products they are interested in. The desktop version, on the other hand, will be displayed along the About, Photos and Timeline toolbar as a distinct tab.

While the shopping section may still suffer modifications in the following period, based on the feedback that developers receive from their e-commerce clients, we could still make an impression on the general looks of the page. The picture layout of the shopping section is very similar to the structure that developers have used so far for general photos.

Users will also have the possibility to choose whether they want to place their order on the Facebook page or whether they want to access the company’s official website for purchases. If they, nonetheless, choose to remain on Facebook’s page, they will be guided all throughout the ordering process with the help of the “Buy” button.

No other details have been provided in relation to the type of customers that will make use of the shopping section, nor have the names of the test participants have been revealed. The new change has been made to stimulate engagement on behalf of users, company representatives have concluded.

Similar endeavors have been carried out in the past, as well. Facebook has also introduced the peer-to-peer payment for their Messenger after the introduction of its business version of Messenger.

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