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Man Accused of Sexual Assault and Battery after Locking Woman Inside Box • Mirror Daily

A woman from Milwaukee managed to escape from a similar basement after being locked in a wooden. Her kidnapper was charged with sexual assault.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – And in other news, a 54-years old male Mosinee, Milwaukee was arrested and charged with sexual assault, battery, and false imprisonment after abducting a woman, forcing her to perform oral sex, and locking her up in a wooden box so that she could not escape and report him to the authorities.

As unlikely as it would might seem, these events happen last year, on the 28th of December. For reasons unknown, the woman, whose name was not disclosed for safety reasons, paid a visit to Allen Jamroz, a 54-years old Mosinee citizen.

According to the woman’s statements, the purpose of her visit to Jamroz’s home was to see his granddaughter. At the moment, the investigators refused to disclose any details regarding how the victim knew the assaulter’s granddaughter.

When the victim arrived at Jamroz’ home, the man informed the victim that his granddaughter wasn’t there at the moment. Jamroz also told her that he was currently working on a home renovation project and that he would like some help with something.

The woman agreed to help the man with his project and went together to the house’s basement, where, unbeknownst to her, something terrible will going to happen. As soon as Jamroz and the woman reached the basement, the man drew out a homemade stun gun and subdued his victim.

While stunned, Jamroz tied up his victim using duct tape and ordered her to lay on the floor. The man also had the ‘courtesy’ of informing the woman that he was going to have sex with her. To be sure that the woman cannot call anyone for help, he took the victim’s cellphone and personal belongings and threw them away.

After that, he took his semi-conscious victim and put her in a wooden box which he secured using a power screwdriver. Soon after Jamroz threw his victim in the box, the woman passed away. When she awoke, the woman managed to use her teeth to tear the tape from her ankles and using her back; the woman managed to break the box’s lid.

After getting out of the box, the woman tore open her bindings using a nail she acquired from the ground during her early struggle with her attacker. Finally, the woman managed to escape from the basement by breaking the padlock on the door with a hammer, escaped the house, fled to the police where she reported the man.

Jamroz was arrested shortly after and was charged with sexual assault, battery, and false imprisonment.

Image source: Flickr

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