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Man From Canada Jumps into Icy Pond to Save His Dog • Mirror Daily

A man from Canada plummeted into an icy pond to rescue his dog.

Because sometimes friendship is stronger than biology, we are proud to present the case of a man from Saint Albert, Canada who put his own life at risk in order to save the life of his non-talking companion. The man’s performance was caught on tape by a news crew who happened to be there, doing a piece on the dangers of walking on the pond’s thin ice surface.

Angela Jung, a reporter for the local news outlet, was just getting ready to do a piece on how dangerous is to thread over the pond’s surface when it’s frozen. According to Jung, the emergency rescue teams were dispatched at least three times last week to save people who slipped on the ice.

While setting up the cameras for the reportage, the crew caught a glimpse of what seems to be a man talking to someone who was supposedly in the middle of the ice-covered pond. Upon adjusting the camera, we can clearly see a man standing on the edge of the river and calling a dog who was partially submerged.

Seeing that the dog was trapped between the ice caps, the man got down from the ledge, went to his companion, and went under. After a few seconds, the man emerged from the cold water and helped his dog get out of the water.

To prevent him from falling on the ice again, the man took the dogs into his arms and moved to the shore, carefully checking to see if the thin ice layer under his feet is stable. Before reaching the shore, the man carrying the dog in his arms again slipped and plummeted into the icy pond. But, after a few second of struggle, he again managed to push his dog out of the water and to pull himself out of the water.

Upon seeing the man struggling to save his dog from the ice-covered pond, Jung and her crew immediately dialed 911. When he finally reached the shore, soaking wet and cold, the reporter went to him and expressed her admiration towards his selfless gesture.

The protagonist of this story was Duncan McIver of Saint Alberta, Canada, and the damsel in distress was Cosmo, his English bulldog. Although he could have waited for the firefighters to show up and rescue Cosmo, McIver decided to put his own life at risk so that his companion can make it to safety.

Image source: PublicDomainPictures

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