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Man High on PCP Fatally Shot by Police Officers • Mirror Daily

A man high on PCP, a potent narcotic, was gunned down by the police on Saturday morning.

A man from Elkridge was fatally shot by several police officers who were responding to a domestic incident. According to the investigators, the man was high on PCP, and during his struggle with the law enforcement officers, he repeatedly tried to strangle two of them. The suspect was gunned down in his wife’s house. His wife and their three children were on the premises when the incident took place.

William Tucker Mathis, a 41-years old male from Elkridge, has been gunned down by a police officer on Saturday morning, after being caught violating a protective order. Officers believe that Mathis became violent when approached because he was high on PCP, a potent narcotic.

Lori Boone, a spokesperson for the Howard County Police Department, declared that the events were set in motion by a phone call received on Saturday morning, at around 8:52 am. The call originated from 6300 blocks of Woodland Forest Drive, a quiet area from Elkridge.

Boone said that the one who initiated the 911 call was Mathis’s wife. The woman said that her husband is high on PCP and is attempting to break into her house. Minutes later, the woman dropped the call, but police officers already arrived on the scene.

According to Boone, when the officers entered the woman’s home and tried to confront Mathis, he became violent and tried to strangle two of them. Unable to subdue the suspect, one of the officers drew out his gun and shot Mathis several times. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. Later on, an ambulance arrived to take the injured officers to the local hospital, where they receive medical care for minor injuries.

Boone declared that at the time of the attacks, three children were present on the premises. Further investigations revealed that this is not the first time Mathis had issues with the law. According to court documents, Mathis was found guilty at least two times for violating a court order of protection.

He was first condemned on the first of October, and again on the 8th of October. However, the man’s history of violence runs back a couple of years. This is the reason why his wife sought to obtain the home violation order from the authorities. At the moment, the investigators are waiting for the blood tests, which should indicate the substance Mathis took before the attacks.

Image source: Flickr

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