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Man Overdosing on Heroin Caught on Tape • Mirror Daily

The man overdosing on heroin was saved by a couple who called the paramedics.

A video recently posted on Facebook shows a man overdosing on heroin and the desperate attempts of several people who struggle to resuscitate him.

The 11-minute long video shared and view countless time sends a powerful message about the dangers of heroin addiction. As a man is trying to park his car in the Sandusky McDonald’s parking lot, he spots a man lying on the ground.

The man, who taped the entire event, exits his car to aid the man lying unconsciously next to his vehicle. As he approaches the car, he spots another person in the same state, standing behind the car’ wheel.

The man who taped the entire event was accompanied by a woman, who immediately jumped out of the car in order to help the two unconscious men.

After shaking the individual behind the wheel a couple of time, the woman managed to wake him up. However, the situation was for direr for the man lying next to the vehicle. The woman and other bystanders who gathered around the car tried to bring him to his sense, but to no avail.

All this time, the man taping the event was shouting: ‘Somebody call 911.’. The video becomes even more intense as the viewers listen to the ghastly sounds made by the man who was grasping for breath.

After a couple of minutes, a team of paramedics arrived at the scene in order to offer first aid to the unconscious victim.

Before the ambulance arrived, the woman who accompanied the cameramen kept asking the male behind the van’s wheel about what drugs he and his friend took.

Although the man slurred, the woman learned that both of them took heroin and that the man lying on the ground experienced a heroin overdose.

The man overdosing on heroin was resuscitated by the paramedics and was taken to a rehabilitation center. Later identified as being Michael Williams, the victim has struggled for some time now with his heroin addiction.

Williams, 27, declared that he recently lost his job and that pushed him into taking the powerful narcotic. Furthermore, Williams also said that he was aware of his situation, but could not afford treatment since he doesn’t have medical insurance.

The man overdosing on heroin which was caught on camera saw the video posted on Facebook and declared that it was too hard to watch.

Here is the video of the man overdosing on heroin. Warning! This material contains intense graphical elements. User’s discretion is advised.

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