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Man Stabbed at the J Keith Motley’s Residence • Mirror Daily

An unknown person was critically injured at the residence of J Keith Motley.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Stoughton authorities are on high alert after an unknown person was critically injured at the residence of J Keith Motley, the Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts – Boston.

The man was immediately transported to a Boston hospital, where he received medical care for his injuries. Hospital’s spokesperson did not release any statements regarding the man’s condition but declared that he was stabbed at Motley’s residence. According to Donna McNamara, Stoughton’s Chief of Police, the events must have occurred on Sunday morning, at around 2 am. At 2:45 am, the local police department received a 911 call from a person saying that an individual was stabbed at J Keith Motley’s residence. The victim is a 20-year-old male who was attending a house party that morning. J Keith Motley, the University of Massachusetts – Boston Chancellor, was not present during the festivities held at his Stoughton residence and told the press that he would make an official statement as soon as he gets home. Furthermore, Motley also declared that he would not make an official press statement until he understands the facts in the case of the man near-fatally stabbed under his own roof. McNamara and Stoughton’s law enforcement officers are still trying to determine the reason why the man was stabbed during the party hosted at Motley’s residence. One of the persons attending the party told the police that a fight broke up during the evening, during which the 20-year-old male was stabbed. However, the house guests were not able to see the man’s assailant. As for the young man who was attacked, the Boston hospital’s official spokespersons declared that his condition is stable at the moment, but he isn’t out of danger. The authorities are having a hard time figuring out what happened during the party. For instance, the law enforcement officers determined that a person attending the party stabbed the man. There were no signs to suggest a break-in. Upon interviewing Motley’s neighbors, Stoughton law enforcement officer determined that Motley’s prolonged absence did not deter the people inside the house to host a big party. Neighbors declared that when the party was over, they saw a long line of cars leaving Motley’s residence. Unfortunately, they did not hear or saw anything that may help the authorities establish the identity of the knife-wielding suspect.

Chief McNamara encourages all citizens who hold vital information regarding the J Keith Motley residence incident to contact the authorities immediately.

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