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Marijuana Receptor in the Brain Analyzed by Specialists • Mirror Daily

A new study from specialists focused on the marijuana receptor in the brain.

(Mirror Daily, United States) Doctors have recently completed a study on the marijuana receptor in the brain. Moreover, they have also created a 3D representation of the structure. An international team of specialists was in charge of the project, and they intended to find out how does marijuana interact with the brain.

The new study accounts for the fact that marijuana contains a psychoactive element, called THC. This ingredient interacts with receptors in the brain. There are many cells which display the marijuana receptor on their surface, as the findings show.

One of the aims of the study is to understand both the beneficial and adverse effects of cannabis use. People consume the drug for both recreational and medical purposes, and researchers want to investigate the effects it has on the human organism. Further implications of the study could lead to the complete eradication of side effects with medical marijuana.

The new representation of the marijuana receptor in the brain can help researchers find the reason why some people experience side effects with medical products based on cannabis. The researchers talk about the case of a European drug which induced anxiety, depression, and even suicidal tendencies on patients. However, the medication was removed from pharmacies.

The researchers are also interested in the recreational drugs which mimic marijuana and how they work. Doctors account for cases of patients which experienced health problems because of these drugs. They can be even more dangerous than pot itself because they also led to the death of consumers, which is quite different from how marijuana works.

The scientists intend to find out the exact relation between the drug and its effects on the human brain, and the 3D model is a good way to start. For the time being, they know for sure that the THC ingredient is responsible for both the beneficial and the adverse effects of the medicinal substance.  In other words, there are times when the element works well on patients, and others when it triggers side effects.

Previous studies have already proved that the effects of marijuana on the human brain are also related to the age of the consumers and the exposure to the drug. However, further studies will provide additional information on the matter.

The new study on the marijuana receptor in the brain was published in Cell, on October 20.

Image courtesy of: Public Domain Pictures

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