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Mars Miniseries Sparks Audience Fascination for Space Exploration • Mirror Daily

The Mars miniseries will reveal a future where Mars is only a stone throw away.

If you’re eager to leave the boundaries of Earth, then the new Mars Miniseries will help you achieve this life-long dream of yours. The miniseries, whose plot revolves around the colonization of the Red Planet, will air on National Geographic on the 14th of November.

Even though in appearance is looks like any other TV show, the facts behind this marvelous glimpse into the future of humankind are the real McCoy. The goal of the Mars Miniseries is to offer the public a new source of entertainment that delivers scientifically accurate facts.

The Mars Miniseries debuts with Ben Sawyers unlikely pre-takeoff speech. The year is 2033 and humanity is on the verge of starting its very first trip beyond the known stars. But, instead of an uplifting and boorish speech that should have glorified humanity’s thirst for knowledge, Ben Sawyer, the captain of the ship Daedalus, starts by telling his crew what to expect of this mission.

He starts by telling them that they will spend the next seven months drifting through the Solar System. And if this perspective of space isolation was not enough, the commander of the Daedalus also states that throughout the journey, the human body will be exposed to almost 200 percent more radiation that it would have absorbed in one Earthly year.

Furthermore, the commander finishes his speech with another fun fact about losing 10 percent of the total bone mass.

Whoever dismal this perspective may be, Sawyer’s speech is based on scientifically proven data. The Mars Miniseries also explores other facades of Mars colonization process such as the landing process, living on the planet, and creating a functional society.

Apart from showing us a glimpse of what will be, the Mars Miniseries were created as to document each aspect of the steps taken so far to prepare this event. As you would expect, there will be many interviews with engineers, astrophysicists, and other scientists that have worked on the Mars landing project since the beginning.

And, of course, what documentary about Mars could be complete without the presence of the ever-popular Elon Musk and SpaceX’s endeavors to make spaceflight safe and cheap.

Many of the present dilemmas have been resolved one way or the other in the movie, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for a little surprise.

The Mars Miniseries will no doubt be a box-office success considering the fact that everyone wants to buy a ticket to the Red Planet.

Image source: Pixabay

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