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Martian Mice And Monkeys “Spotted” By Curiosity Rover

Life is often seen in photos captured by Curiosity

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Alien enthusiasts are mostly shouting about the Martian mice and monkeys “spotted” by Curiosity rover on the Red Planet. Several pictures have surfaced that display the barren land of Mars. There are rocks, dust, cliffs, and valleys that just go on and on. So far, there has been no scientific proof that there’s anything more there to see.

And yet, every picture that gets snapped and sent back to Earth is understandably scrutinized to the most exquisite detail. It’s certainly a talent, and requires a keen eye to spot discernible figures and frames among the dust-ridden rocks. Apart from the Buddha statue that some believed was photographed on the Red Planet, new footage have pondered on the existence of animals.

Or, at least, what looks like animals found on our very own planet.

On November 13th, YouTuber Jason Hunter,  posted a video on his channel, ArtAlient TV, where he described and showed the potentially giant mouse that was immortalized by the Curiosity rover. The man enhanced, outlined, and touted that there is indeed life on Mars. Mainly, in the form of rodents, lingering just around Gale Crater.

The picture posted appears to feature a silhouette with ears, a tail, and a nose that are similar to our planets rats. Expectedly, NASA made no comments on the “findings”.

Later on, Scott Waring, from the UFO Sightings Daily, also remarked upon a picture of the Martian surface that displays a monkey in all its glory. It has a tail, a body, and a head, looking very peacefully to the right.

Sightings of formations that look like certain animals send the alien enthusiasts into overdrive, with numerous conspiracy theories regarding their existence. Their intent to believe that there are simians or rodents across the Martian surface bursts across the internet. However, most of those are often dismissed, especially since numerous NASA experts disclaim the sightings.

It may be an overactive imagination, seeing something familiar when it’s not really there, or may just be that the Red Planet is shrouded in mystery. For now, there is no evidence to support the existence of life on Mars. Billions of years ago, it was likely a different story. Scientists suggest that the Martian surface might’ve been littered with streams and waters where now there are none.

Perhaps there is the possibility of the Curiosity finding something, such as alien mice or monkeys on Mars, however tiny it may be. But that will first require clear proof, and the debate will finally be over.

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