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Measles Vaccination Could Have Benefits against Other Infections • Mirror Daily

A new study reveals measles vaccination could have benefits against other infections, according to the new medical findings.

Scientists at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation were keen on addressing the recent debate regarding the effects of the measles vaccination. According to their recent discoveries, the measles shot could have many other additional benefits other than that of preventing young children and babies from getting this infection.

Children who have suffered from measles have registered a weaker immune system for about three years after the contagious disease has settled in.

Medical researchers have looked deeper into this problem and discovered that measles vaccine helps strengthen the immune system. Consequently, children stay protected against many other similar illnesses that could settle in after the measles eruption.

The recent study is meant to clarify and, hopefully, solve all concerns that parents may have in relation to the safety of the measles shot. Doctors have repeatedly stressed the importance of this vaccine in the past.

Thanks to the recent findings, they now have a solid base to prove their arguments. Richard Wenzel, an infectious disease specialist at Virginia Commonwealth University reinforced the message of the study: the measles vaccine is as safe as it can be.

Furthermore, there are many other illnesses that will be prevented thanks to this simple shot.

The United States of America have been dealing with frequent measles infections at the beginning of the current year. Medical reports show that 147 cases have been registered in Disneyland in the past few months and 131 in California.

The need to immunize children against this ill has become all the more important as worrisome measles outbreaks have also been registered in Mexico and Canada, where 159 people have fallen victim to this disease.

The majority of the victims did not receive vaccination as a result of their parents’ or their personal choice.

The United States of America have registered powerful measles epidemic in the past decades, but the outbreak was suppressed thanks to the widespread vaccination campaigns that were carried out.

The death rate of the contagious disease fell from 18% before vaccination to less than 6% after vaccination.

Rare outbreaks still occur as a result of the overseas infections. Measles are frequently related to fever, cough and blotchy rash.

Medics warn that the infection may also be accompanied by symptoms that are generally associated with other more common diseases, such as runny nose and red eyes.

Nevertheless, parents should not ignore any of the symptoms that their children may have and address the medical authorities as soon as the signs of illness appear.
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