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Kirby is one of the cutest video game characters, inspiring anything but brutal force.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – It seems like the pink, round, mascot, Kirby gets tough in Planet Robot, the latest game produced by 3DS. The pink fluff ball will have a new, powerful armor and lots of extra features that will delight you this summer. So get your consoles ready, because Kirby gets tough in Planet Robot this summer.

Nintendo announced today that Kirby gets tough in Planet Robot this summer. On the 10th of June, the pink fluff ball fans will have the opportunity of taking the cutesy mascot out for a spin in his new, shiny, efficient, and powerful armor that is capable of destroying any obstacle that stands in his way.

Kirby has been seen as a gentle character throughout the years. The Jigglypuff twin just makes you want to cuddle him and put him somewhere out of harm’s way. But in the latest game produced by 3DS, the sweet character gets a whole new makeover.

According to the trailer, the latest Nintendo video game will play on a planet-like system. Of course, the main character retains its absorption ability that has become iconic.

Apart from the now classic features of the cutesy character, the Japanese company promises some 25 additional powers that Kirby will be able to swap between.

The game’s title is a reference to all of the mechanical elements present in the latest installment. And because Kirby must adapt to his environments, he will also benefit from a technological update.

The pink fluff will feature a big, powerful costume that will help him better fight his enemies and avoid any obstacles that could stand in his way.

But there is yet more good news to come. The power suit will work hand in hand with Kirby’s absorption capabilities, making him able to repurpose the power of his enemies with up to 10 modes.

Furthermore, Robot Planet will not be released by itself. The new mechanical twist in the Kirby series will be launched alongside “Team Kirby Clash”.

“Team Kirby Clash” is an RPG-inspired multiplayer take in the famous franchise. The idea of the game is to put teams of four players against some bosses. Each member of the team has a previously assigned role such as DPS or healer.

The more the players will advance in the story, the more powerful their characters will get. For “Team Kirby Clash”, Nintendo also prepared a mode for single players where individuals will be able to team up with AI partners.

Both the games will be available for sale in a bundle, or separately.

For more technical details you can check out the video embedded below.

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