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Melanoma can go undetected until it’s too late and the patient’s life is threatened.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Clare Daly, a young English woman thought she pulled a muscle on her shoulder when she first started experiencing pain. Little did she know that her body was actually trying to warn her of the cancerous cells that were rapidly multiplying in her body. Only a few months after getting married, the 29 years old woman died after attributing shoulder pain to pulled muscle.

Last summer Clare Daly got married and everybody thought that she had all her life ahead. But only a few months after her wedding, the woman died after attributing shoulder pain to pulled muscle.

After a perfect summer wedding, Daly seemed to have life figured out and she was preparing to start a new, beautiful chapter in her life.

At first, she thought that her shoulder pain was caused by a pulled muscle so she ignored it. After a while, the pain didn’t go away as it should but instead started to get worse.

This is when she decided that she needs to see a doctor. The world completely shattered around her when she found out that the shoulder pain she was experiencing was, in fact, cancer pain.

According to her doctors, the culprit was a mole that she removed years before. The mole was benign so the removal was not enough, she should have undergone chemotherapy in order to get rid of all the cancerous cells in her body.

After hearing the news, Daly and her family were devastated and doctors tried everything in their power to prolong her life. But the only thing that could have helped her was a pioneering treatment that was not covered by the NHS.

A fundraiser was started and there were lots of people who donated money in order for Claire to enjoy life a little longer but her condition was too advanced.

Claire died a few months after she was diagnosed with melanoma. By the time she got to the doctor cancer spread to her lung and lymph node.

According to her loved ones Claire was actually a very cautious person when it came to applying sun lotion. She never used a tanning bed in her life.

Now, Daly’s family started a foundation with the money they initially raised to pay for her treatment. The foundation is named after her and is meant to help other women fight against melanoma.

A woman died after attributing shoulder pain to pulled a muscle so if you have any signs of discomfort report to the doctor’s office before it’s too late.

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