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Metal Gear Solid remake on Unreal Engine •

Fans have been waiting for a Metal Gear Solid remake for a long time.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – It looked promising; it sounded like a dream come true, but, as all independent projects, it depended on someone else, and that killed it. The remake for Metal Gear Solid was cancelled, probably due to copyright infringements.

According to the Facebook page of the person, or team, behind the independent remake of the original action adventure third-person stealth-based game, Shadow Moses, the project has been cancelled due to “reasons beyond their control”.

Shadow Moses did not go into further details, but it may be that Konami threatened them with a lawsuit seeing as the company own the rights to the game. Of course, this is just a speculation since neither of the two released any other statements.

Even if Shadow Moses did a remake using Unreal Engine IV and released it for free, it’s highly possible that Konami did not want anybody else interfering with their project. Or, and that is just a supposition, maybe the game developer is already planning a proper remake.

A couple of days ago, the independent developer that goes by the name of Shadow Moses posted a status update in which they promised to deliver other exciting news pretty soon.

The comment section was filled with people saying things like

“At this point, I’ll just wait as a person who’s eagerly waited only to be disappointed. I’m no longer vested in the success or failure. I’m just done with metal gear, and that really hurts to say.”

Some fans were disappointed, some were enraged, as the one quoted above, but there was a feeling of underlying hope in the few hundred comments that the post got in a day or so after it was published.

Some hopeless optimists were dreaming of a plot twist in which the “cancellation” announcement was just a way for them to announce that the remake was finished.

“We canceled the project because there is no project. We finished a few days ago. I wish.”

But most of the comments were centered on the idea that Konami discovered the work Shadow Moses was doing and proposed a collaboration.

“Great! Hope you are getting partnered up with Konami, and they are going to sponsor you and let you create this!!!”

In the end, Metal Gear fans are only left with hope. All they can do is wait for an announcement. And as the independent remake for Metal Gear Solid was cancelled, maybe there will be an official one.

In the meantime, you can check out the trailer below. Maybe the bright part of the comment section was right, and Konami did propose a partnership, because according to the footage, Shadow Moses knew what he was doing.

Image source: YouTube

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