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Microsoft Edge is battery friendly •

Each browser has different effects on the battery of the device that is used on.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – When Internet Explorer came with Windows, everybody was avoiding the browser due to its tendency to lag. The internet is filled with memes featuring IE showing month-old news, suggesting that it is the slowest browser there is. Then, Internet Explorer got a makeover. Among other features, Gate’s company is advertising that Microsoft Edge is battery friendly, allowing computers to run for longer intervals.

Every power user knows that Chrome, the browser developed and managed by Google can hog the battery of a device. However, a great number of individuals continue to use the battery depleting web surfing app because they feel like the compromise is worth it seeing as Chrome is the most efficient browser on the market.

Back when Edge was still Internet Explorer, Microsoft was striving to make it more appealing to the fans. That is why the company reinvented it when they launched Microsoft Windows 10 last year.

It appears that, besides the fact that it is considerably faster than IE, Microsoft Edge is battery friendly. This theory was proved in a Microsoft test that featured Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and of course, Edge.

The testers took four fully charged identical surface books, opened the same tasks on all four using different browsers and let them run until their battery was depleted.

The first one to die was the laptop that was using Google Chrome. It only lasted four hours, nineteen minutes and fifty seconds. The second one to abandon the race was the one running the tests with Mozilla Firefox. This computer lasted for five hours, nine minutes, and thirty seconds.

The third in line was the Opera one with six hours, eighteen minutes and thirty-three seconds. The fourth was the Edge laptop that lasted a whopping seven hours, twenty-two minutes and seven seconds.

The conclusion of the experiment was that Microsoft Edge is battery friendly. The PC that used the browser in the experiment ran 70 percent longer than Chrome (the browser that depleted the battery in only 4 hours), 43 percent longer than Firefox, and 17 percent longer than Opera.

Soon, Microsoft will release a celebratory edition of its revolutionary Windows 10 software. This update will bring additional improvements to the browser like greater GPU offloading, limiting the auto-play feature for Flash contents, and more.

Image source: Pixabay

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