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Microsoft Hosts World Tournaments to Honor 25 Years of Solitaire

Based on a recent announcement published on the company’s official website, Microsoft hosts world tournaments to honor 25 years of Solitaire. The endeavor brings Solitaire fans lots of reasons to smile as they can finally unleash the wild card-game player lying underneath their skin.

The world-renowned software developer announced on early Monday morning that their famous card-game, Solitaire is turning 25 this year. The news might bring some of you down, especially if you’re, let’s say, in your 30s. Early 30s, that is. Yet, Solitaire fans might rejoice themselves at the sound of the wonderful news.

Microsoft thought it was time they did something to dust off their oldie but goldie game. The company plans on getting as many players involved as possible by inviting them at the upcoming world championships.

According to Microsoft’s spokespersons, the first championship will be hosted among the company’s employees. This will most likely show Bill Gates just how much time his developers spend playing Solitaire instead of actually working. The results of the internal competition will be displayed on the company’s website in the following weeks.

The second championship which addresses card game players all over the world will be hosted starting on June 5, 2015. Bill Gates’ fervent Solitaire players aka employees will then compete against the world’s best players of Solitaire.

The competition is expected to get really fierce especially towards the final stages of the tournament. The company did not provide any other details in relation to the prizes that winners will receive. No money will be at stake, either (sobs in the crowd) as the software developer is not willing to turn the world championship into a poker-like game (more sobs in the crowd).

The game variations will be the traditional ones that players have already gotten accustomed to. Some may be tempted to say that Microsoft could have at least prepared some special features for the 25th anniversary of the game. However, the company claims it is precisely the traditional version that they want to celebrate; therefore, no other game variations besides Free Cell, Spider, TriPeaks, Pyramid and Klondike Solitaire have been added to the tournament.

Solitaire lovers, who fear they could miss this perfect occasion to make a show of their innate player skills, will be happy to find out that the game may be download on all Windows-based phones and devices. The game is absolutely free of any costs, just like Microsoft has accustomed us in the past, as well.

Microsoft may be soon embracing more modern games, too, such as Candy Crush Saga which has already won the hearts of Android users. Despite their future plans, the company is currently focusing on one of the games that have made Windows popular across computer enjoyers.
Image Source: Aol Cdn

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