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Microsoft Mimicker Alarm Makes You Wake Up

The new Mimicker Alarm will run on Android.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Companies are always trying to make apps more intuitive and user friendly and now Microsoft Mimicker Alarm makes you wake up.

There are very few people who manage to wake up exactly when they have to or even earlier. Plus, even fewer manage to wake up already full of energy and with a smile on their face. Usually people hit the snooze button for as many times as possible and they do not function until they have at least on sip of their coffee.

This is why, many companies have come up with different solutions to make people wake up early in an easy way…or well, at least wake up early. There are numerous alarm clock gadgets which make you chase them around or shoot them if you want to stop them. However, phone applications are a lot more convenient and less pricy.

Microsoft has now come up with an alarm for Android which will definitely make you wake up although it won’t make it very easy for you. The main reason? You don’t get to snooze anymore. After you turn off the alarm you have to play a game. If you don’t complete the game in the next 30 seconds, the alarm will assume you went back to sleep so it will start all over.

Thankfully, there are three games you can choose from: color capture, express yourself and tongue twister. For color capture you will be asked to take a picture of something that has a certain color. For the express yourself game you have to take a selfie mimicking an emotion. The tongue twister is a tricky one as you have to repeat different tongue twister.

Anyway, it is quite clear that we wouldn’t be willing to do such things in the morning as soon as we wake up. But since the alarm will start ringing again if we don’t complete the tasks, there’s not much we can do. Besides, you’ll be sure to wake up in time, without having to run around the house to get ready. You’ll only have to run around to find something “red” or “green” to make your phone shut up.

All in all, this is a great solution for people who have trouble waking up each morning and it sounds quite fun. The only problem is you won’t be able to use it if you have an iPhone. However, I’m pretty sure that you can find something to please you in the App Store as well.

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