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Microsoft Solitaire Coming to iPads and iPhones • Mirror Daily

Microsoft Solitaire Collection can now be downloaded from Apple’s online store.

Were you ever tempted to discard everything you knew about playing games like high-resolutions graphics and stunning visual effects and go back to something more basic? Well, if you and iOS users, then you’re in luck.

Recently, Microsoft has announced the release of a new application, designed specifically for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users – the classic Microsoft Solitaire.

Remember the day you bought your first computer and the first game you played? Well, if Microsoft Solitaire counts among them, then you’re surely going to enjoy the time-honored game on your iOS-compatible device.

What’s even cooler is that the application can be download for free from Apple’s online store.

Now, for those of you who haven’t had a chance to play this amazing game, here’s what to expect from Microsoft Solitaire.

The new iOS-based application is called Microsoft Solitaire Collection, and it includes five distinct card-based games.

The first one is called Klondike Timeless and Classic Solitaire. As the name would suggest, it’s the most basic form of solitaire which you can play. The purpose of the game is to clear the deck, using one or three-card draws. For an extra challenge, try playing the game with Vegas Scoring.

The second game is called Spider Solitaire. Again, the purpose of the game to clear all the cards from the table, but there’s a catch. While in Klondike you have an unlimited number of moves, in Spider Solitaire you have to clear the deck with fewest moves possible. The game can be played with one or four suits.

The third game available in the Microsoft Solitaire Collection is Freecell. Often considered the chess of solitaire, the purpose of this card game is to clear the table by using four cells to move around the cards. This game is indeed challenging because it always forces you to think ahead.

The fourth game is called Tripeaks. To win the game, you need to clear several boards before you run out of draws.

Finally, the fifth game which you will be able to play is Pyramid. Again, you have to clear the table. But in order to do that, you must select cards whose values amount to 13.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection can be run on any iOS device, and it’s also available on Android’s Google Play Store. Have fun shuffling those decks!

Image source: Flickr

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