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Microsoft Teams Will Be Equipped with Windows 10 S • Mirror Daily

Microsoft will equip the Microsoft Teams service with Windows 10 S

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Microsoft have just presented their latest Surface Laptop running the newest version of Windows, namely Windows 10 S. They will also bring this new operating system to classrooms, therefore improving the way in which both teachers and students interact with technology.

How is Windows 10 S different?

Windows 10 S represents a simpler version of the operating system, as it will allow to run only apps coming from the Microsoft store. Although it might sound unpractical, the company says that this will preserve and enhance the security features.

If you purchase a device running Windows 10 S but do not want to restrict yourself only to apps from the Microsoft store, you can change this. However, this also means changing your operating system. Upgrading to Windows 10 Pro will allow you to install any apps you want.

Bringing technology in the classroom

Microsoft will bring Windows 10 S to students via the new Microsoft Teams. The purpose of this new service is to allow students and teacher communicate using a digital platform. Teams allows them to organize group chats and project groups. Also, they will be able to access quizzes, files, or assignments more easily.

Besides getting used to working with technology, students can now benefit from external sources in their lectures. For instance, teachers might opt to initiate video calls with experts in certain fields and offer students the chance to learn something from a more capable source.

The entire service looks friendly, so as to encourage students to be part of such discussions and become more involved at school. Teams will make use of emojis, GIFs, or stickers to make the medium more familiar to kids. Also, if children become too familiar, teachers can intervene any time and deal with the situation.

Bringing technology into the classroom is important, as it teaches students how to be up-to-date to the current developments, and helps them benefit from a better learning experience. Moreover, equipping Microsoft Team with the secure Windows 10 S assures teachers that their system is not vulnerable to any attacks.
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