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Microsoft to Replace BSOD with Green Screen of Death • Mirror Daily

Microsoft aims to replace the traditional BSOD with a green screen of death.

In other news, Microsoft is thinking of replacing the ominous blue screen of death with a green screen of death as part of the Window 10 Insider version. When asked about their change of heart, the developers said that they’ve to change the color in order to make the message less threatening.

The Blue Screen of Death has been around for some time now. To be more precise, the concept was introduced back in the odd ‘90s, when Microsoft released the Windows NT family. With the OS still in baby diapers, the average was unaware of the danger which was lurking in the shadows.

As a PC/laptop user, you must know about what happens when your system displays this type of error – tons of hours wasted doing something, lots of frustration, and of course, the anticipation. More than likely, all of us stood there after restarting the computer, asking ourselves things like: ‘will the computer work now?’, ‘what happens if the computer doesn’t boot?’, and, of course, ‘what if I need to format my computer and install a fresh copy of Windows?’.

A BSoD was and is the last thing you would want to see before hitting the save button on a large document, or before arriving at a checkpoint in a game. What’s even worse is that your computer might not recover from such an error (it isn’t called the blue screen of death for nothing). This basically translates as hours lost trying to make the computer boot, and more times lost trying to reinstall the operating system in case everything else failed.

In some very rare instances, this type of system error would render the computer as useful as a sniper scope on a hunting knife. The Blue Screen of Death soon to be the green screen of death is the arch nemesis of every game, especially those who play ‘under the counter’ PC games.

Pirated software is probably the most common cause of BSoDs, since the initial code has been altered in order to circumvent safeguards. As for the green screen of death, Microsoft said that the new color would replace the old one as soon as Windows 10 Insider hits the market.

When asked about this change, the big-time tech giant said that its reasons are purely client-focused. And since every computer user associates a blue screen with the fear of losing information, perhaps a green one will alleviate their fears.

Image source: Wikipedia

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