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Microsoft Will Add Windows 10 Office Apps to Android Phones • Mirror Daily

Based on the recent reports, Microsoft will add Windows 10 Office apps to Android phones in an attempt to expand the availability of its professional services. The software has already been made available on Android tablets starting in November 2014, but Microsoft takes it a step further by providing its app on Android smartphones, as well.

There has always been a tacit war going on between giant software producers like Google and Microsoft, but the conflict seems to be fading away as the two companies develop new projects together. Microsoft Office, for instance was not provided on Android-based devices as the two apps were strongly competing against each other.

Owners of Android smartphones used to claim that the apps provided by Google’s operating system are free and more efficient than Microsoft’s application. Yet, Google is now offering improved professional services to its customers by teaming up with Microsoft. The idea proved itself good after the search giant endowed Android tablets with office apps last year in November.

Microsoft launched previews of its Windows 10 Office app on Google’s Play Store on Thursday morning, giving Android users the possibility to test the new online program. The same strategy was used before the app was brought to Google’s tablets as the Redmond company feels clients have the right to test a product before purchasing it.

Google Play Store customers will have to go through several steps in order to test the app. First, they must join the Office for Android community on Google+. They, then, have to select the “become a tester” option on the online platform and click on one of the links they are interested in (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.).

The trial process may be somewhat cumbersome as it could take up to four hours until Google verifies testing permissions. Once access has been granted, users may proceed in downloading and installing the trial versions of Microsoft Office 10 app on their Android smartphones.

Jared Spataro, the General Manager of Microsoft’s Office 365, wrote on Thursday that the Office app for Android is “modern, optimized for touch and designed for work on the go”. He further added that documents open fast, are easy to read and edit due to the formatting of the app.

Users who want to share their files on the Internet, will be able to upload documents on various Cloud-based programs from Google, such as, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. Files can be accessed on all mobile devices, be they Android tablets or smartphones.

The final version of Microsoft Office for Android will be released later this year after the company gathers sufficient feedback from its users. According to Spataro, the official release will most likely take place this fall.
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