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Middle School Teacher in Maryland Is Accused of Disciplining Students with Belt • Mirror Daily

Following in the footsteps of other recently accused teachers, a middle school teacher in Maryland is accused of disciplining students with belt, recent reports show. The middle aged man was filmed while physically aggressing students during his class.

Many more cases of teachers’ abuse surface each year as professors fail to comply with the conduct requirements that their position presupposes. This week, it was a middle school teacher in Maryland to make headlines after using his belt to discipline his pupils.

The event immediately captured the media’s attention as the man did not have any right to behave the way he did. Authorities are now investigating him after viewing the recent video that was posted on YouTube.

According to the footage, the man is desperately running through the classroom and hitting students randomly with his belt. Most students lie on the floor as they try to escape the teacher’s erratic and violent behavior. No other details are known in relation to the cause that might have determined the middle school teacher to act the way he did.

Journalists were not able to contact the professor, who is currently avoiding the media’s attention. His point of view will most likely be presented in the following days as the press is trying to give the man the opportunity to defend himself.

Local press institutions have carried out a street experiment. They wanted to see how inhabitants in Maryland would react to the teacher’s class conduit, so they displayed the video to regular passers-by. Much to the journalists’ surprise, the inhabitants did not blame the professor for his conduit. They clearly did not agree with his anger outburst, but they have all stated that children can be hard to discipline, at times.

The activity of the teacher has been currently suspended as a local investigation is being carried through by principals at the Maryland middle school and police investigators. If the man is found guilty of misconduct towards minors, he could face additional charges and even imprisonment.
Image Source: Independent

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