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Minecraft Still Needs Work In the VR Department • Mirror Daily

Playing Minecraft in VR is like playing Lego in a world where giant spiders or zombies are real.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – There have been lots of talks about the fact that the famous pixelated game that united players of all age will be soon available to play in virtual reality, only the thought of walking into the world of blocks made some people sick in the stomach with excitement. But according to those who already tested the device, it actually does make you a sick, so Minecraft still needs work in the VR department.

There have been some people who already tested the Gear VR for the S7 model from Samsung Galaxy, and they were very disappointed with the system’s performance. According to them, Minecraft still needs work in the VR department because the experience made them sick in the stomach.

While the perspective of playing Minecraft in virtual reality is exciting for most, some are not so happy with the thought. The lack of excitement is mainly due to the fact that they had the opportunity of experiencing the game, and they were not blown away by how it behaves in the new environment.

Many believe Minecraft still needs work in the VR department because the commands are not responding as smoothly as they should, and the sudden changes in perspective are causing the players to get dizzy and abandon the game.

There are two ways in which the block-based pixelated open-world first person perspective survival game. The first is in cinema mode which is not exactly the most exciting one. You can benefit from basically the same experience while playing on a PC with a huge monitor, or a console attached to a wide television.

But the cinema mode is the only one that allows the players to exit the game with a clear head. Mainly because most of the gamers that were able to test the building game in full virtual reality mode said that Minecraft still needs work in the VR department.

Those who tested Minecraft with the Oculus Rift technology were disappointed in the fact that the commands were a bit stiff, and the menu was floating away in the distance, the words too small to be deciphered. They were also bothered by the touch that has to be used alongside the headset, saying that it made the action move too slow.

There were other who tested the VR edition for mobile devices. According to them, the controls are awkward to use and a quarter of an hour of gaming leaves you spending 20 minutes trying to regain control of your stomach and head.

It appears that Minecraft still needs work in the VR department, but they do have some more time to perfect any glitches before the game is officially launched for virtual reality platforms this summer.

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