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Miraculous Protein Treatment Facilitates Weight Loss • Mirror Daily

The miraculous protein GDF15 reduces the appetite and facilitates weight loss

(Mirror Daily, United States) – A recent research revealed a possible treatment to help people shed that extra weight they’ve been struggling with for a long time. Scientists discovered a miraculous protein which might reduce the levels of fat on the body, and discovered how it helped monkeys shed extra pounds and reduce their diabetes risk.

The miraculous protein helps you lose weight

First of all, researchers took a close look at overweight people, as well as mice and rats who struggled with obesity, and discovered they all shared a trait. More precisely, they all had higher levels of a protein in serum form. However, administering this protein to obese mice helped them reduce their body weight, consume less food, and reduce their risk of diabetes.

However, it’s difficult to get high levels of this miraculous protein in its natural form, as it has quite a short lifespan. Therefore, researchers tried to produce it artificially. They actually managed to obtain two fusion versions coming from the same protein, which returned better results. After administering both of these fusion proteins to mice and monkeys, they successfully managed to lose weight.

The protein affects the appetite and the relationship between the brain and the guts

After receiving the miraculous protein supplements, the animals embraced a different approach on food. More precisely, they started choosing the meals poorer in calories. When presented with regular food versus a meal enriched in calories, the mice who had received the protein chose the standard meal. Those who had not received the treatment preferred the high-calorie option.

Researchers also managed to find out how the miraculous protein works. It seems it can activate several nerve cells which connect the brain to the intestines, controlling the impulses they send to each other. However, before vouching for the treatment, it needs more research on other effects it might have on the body.
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