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Missing Woman from L.A. Found Disoriented on the Streets • Mirror Daily

A missing woman was found today wandering the streets of Los Angeles.

(Mirror Daily – United States) Laura Stacey, a 28-year-old woman from Los Angeles who was reported missing three days ago, was found this morning by law enforcement officers. According to the official police report, the missing woman was disoriented and disheveled. No further details regarding the woman’s condition or what happened to her were made available.

The events that led to the finding of 28-year-old Laura Stacey were set into motion three days ago when the woman did no return home. Stacey shares a flat with another person, who notified the police about her disappearance.

The initial investigation revealed that Stacey sought to pursue a career in arts and photography and, to this end, moved from Denver to Los Angeles. When Stacy’s parents heard that their daughter went missing, they boarded the first flight from Denver to Los Angeles and assisted the law enforcement officers in their search for the missing woman.

The woman’s roommate and mother declared during the police interview that the woman has an inquisitive mind and an adventurous spirit, and would often wander the streets of Los Angeles, more than likely searching for inspiration.

At the time she went missing, Laura Stacey was driving a black Acura. The investigators found the woman’s car approximately 15 miles from where they found her wondering. Furthermore, they’ve discovered that the woman was unable to contact anyone, since her mobile phone was found in Santa Clarita, more than 40 miles away. The device was found by a stranger in a park.

As for the missing woman, the authorities declared that it’s premature to tell what happened to her since the woman seems to be in a state of confusion. When they found her, Laura Stacey was disorientated and disheveled, as if she struggled with someone

The missing woman was taken to the Antelope Valley Hospital where she received medical care. At the moment, the authorities declared that they did not wish to disclose any details regarding Stacy’s case. However, they did point out that when the woman was found wandering the streets, she was uncooperative with the officers that engaged her.

At the moment, the police officials were not able to rule out that the missing woman might have been assaulted and possibly raped during her trip taking into account that the victim’s mobile phone was found more than 40 miles away from Stacey’s location.

We will provide you with an update if there are any developments in this case.

Image source: Pixabay

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