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MMA to be legalized in New York •

The martial arts mix sport has plenty of fans throughout the US.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – In the last seven year, the bill that will bring Ronda Rousey’s sport to the Big Apple always met its demise when it got to the Assembly’s vine. But the New York bill to legalize MMA was approved by the State Senate and officials believe this is the best year for New York to legalize MMA fighting.

There is a big chance that the Andrew Cuomo government will finally have the opportunity to vote the legalization of MMA fighting this year. There are high hopes that the legislation will pass the multiple committees that stand in the way of Cuomo’s approval.

The bill never reached the State Assembly before, and the many people supporting it believe that the legislation will receive a vote of approval once it passes the many committees that stopped its advancement in the past.

Seeing how things work in the Senate, if the bill is moved to the floor, then it has numerous chances of being voted. Enthusiasts are hopeful because the Democratic conference usually moves bills that are supported by a sufficient amount of people.

In the fortunate case in which the bill is approved, the Athletic Commission of the New York State will then have a limited amount of time (one hundred and twenty days) to adopt the necessary regulations and guidelines.

The UFC has been trying to make the sport legal in the Big Apple for more than a couple of years. It’s about time for New York to legalize MMA. Mainly due to the fact that the martial arts mix is a very popular pastime. Not to mention the celebrities that were born from this kind of extreme shows.

Michael Britt, the Vice President of the UFC Government Relations and Global Development of Business, was careful to downgrade his enthusiasm. Even though the rumor has it that the bill will be finally approved this year, he remained slightly guarded.

According to Britt, that first took his time to offer his thanks to Speaker Heastie, Leader Morelle and all other legislators that worked hard to advocate the benefits of the adoption of such a bill. The UFC VP then continued to say that the MMA athletes and fans will be expecting a Madison Square Garden show as soon as November. Of course, if the bill passes.

It is about time for New York to legalize MMA. The sport has sufficient followers and it could, ultimately, bring a boost to the city’s economy.

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