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Monstrous Galaxy Was Sighted • Mirror Daily

Monstrous Galaxy Was Sighted

Recently, a big discovery was made when a monstrous galaxy was sighted by astronomers, in a very far corner of the galaxy, namely at a distance of 11.7 billion light-years. The so-called monstrous galaxy is moving quite fast and forming stars at a speed much faster than our own Milky Way.

Located in the constellation named Hydra, this new galaxy was observed with the Atacama Large Millimeter/sub-millimeter Array telescope, and this was only thanks to the fact that another galaxy that is is situated between them acted as a sort of magnifying looking-glass.

The galaxy that helped us make this discovery is located at a smaller distance, specifically of 3.4 billion light-years, but the problem was that the image was still unclear.  As a consequence, two Japanese researchers from the Tokyo University together with the NAJO Institute, have worked at devising a special kind of gravitational lens that would allow us to get a better image.

Tamura and Oguri managed to improve the telescope, and with the new lens managed to spot the fast wonder, about which they affirmed that it constitutes a perfect example of a phenomenon named the Einstein ring. The phenomenon refers to a kind of giant object that would bend space and time.

With its help, they managed to use it as a lens provided by the Universe itself and channel the circle of light provided as an aid in their endeavor. This allowed to receive images that were so sharp, that scientists were able to detect small grainy clusters and possibly branches. Also, they spotted an array of dust clouds that at a distance of 5000 light years a and the special feature was that it was for the first time that such a galaxy was observed in fine detail.

 This amazing discovery once again confirms the theories of Albert Einstein, according to which warps form around massive cosmic objects, basically a curve in the space and time continuum, a prediction that hadonly been mathematically been proven so far.

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