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Morisson County Is Infected by Zebra Mussels, DNR Warns • Mirror Daily

Keeping boat utensils clean is the only way to prevent Zebra mussel infestations.

Based on the recent official reports, Morisson County is infected by Zebra mussels, DNR warns. The official authority is now asking fishermen and local inhabitants to clean their fishing gear to prevent the Zebra mussel population from spreading.

The Department of Natural Resources has agreed that the recent invasion of the Zebra mussel population could pose lots of threats to other fish species existing in the lake, as well as to the local population.

The Zebra mussel, scientifically named Dreissena polymorpha is a species of mussel that usually lives in fresh water, whose origin was established in Russia. These D-shaped stripped species of mussels are not bigger than a fingernail in the beginning, but they can grow up to 2 inches during their adult stages of life.

In spite of their attractive form and looks, Zebra mussels can be highly dangerous for other water species. They usually infest water causing other species to go extinct, which, in turn affects the human population.

There is little that can be done to prevent this species from spreading, once it has started infecting waters, as in the case of the Fish Trap Lake in the Morisson County. The Department of Natural Resources acknowledged that the lake has been infested and they are now implementing various measures to put an end to the Zebra mussel infestation.

Until now, authorities used to perform 1,500 hours of boat inspections per year, whereas now their number has been increased to 3,100 hours of annual boat inspections. This measure has been imposed because the only solution to block the Zebra mussel infestation is to keep fishing and boat gear as clean as possible.

Zebra mussels infect most waters, especially standing water; therefore biologists ask people to avoid leaving water in a container for too long. This measure is highly recommended, especially in the nearby areas of inhabitants’ homes because Zebra species can cause problems to humans, as well. They can infest drinking water and lead to sever health problems, the Department of Natural Resources has concluded.

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