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Mother and Boyfriend Accused of Dismembering Daughter in Rape-Murder Fantasy • Mirror Daily

A couple from the United States has been charged with murder, kidnapping, child endangerment, and corpse abuse after killing and dismembering an adopted child as part of their rape-murder fantasy.

A spine-chilling teen homicide case has recently been brought to the public’s attention. Sara Packer and Jacob Sullivan, her boyfriend, are charged with child kidnapping, abuse, criminal homicide, and abuse of a corpse, after murdering and dismembering 14-years old Grace Packer, as part of a sadistic rape-murder fantasy.

The events that led to Packer and Sullivan’s trial began on the 31st of October 2016, when a group of hunters found a decomposing human torso in the Luzerne County Park. Aided by a K-9 unit, the investigators who arrived on the scene found a pair of arms and legs near the location where the torso was found.

The subsequent investigation led to Sara Packer and Jacob Sullivan, a couple living in the vicinity of the forest. Packer and Sullivan adopted two children, a 12-years old boy, and Grace Packer, a 14-years old girl.

Investigations revealed that Packer and Sullivan were previously found guilty of child endangerment and obstruction. The case was beginning to take shape after the officials discovered that the woman withdrew her adopted children from the Abington School District and enrolled the in the Quakertown School District without notifying the police department.

Also, Packer regularly cashed in social security checks and filled disability forms on behalf of her daughter. After the couple was apprehended, they’ve confessed to their deed. The details regarding the disappearance and murder of Grace Packer are ghastly, to say the least.

According to the couple’s declarations, on the 8th of July, early in the morning, the couple locked the young girl in the attic. There, she was repeatedly beaten and raped by Jacob Sullivan, under the eyes of her adoptive mother, as part of the couple’s twisted rape-murder fantasy.

After that, the girl was bound, gagged, poisoned, and left to die a painful death. But this is not the end of this horrific story. The couple would return after a few hours to see if the child was still alive. Seeing that the child was still breathing, Sullivan strangled the child.

In his statements, the man said that it took a long time for the child to die. To conceal the smell, the couple covered the lifeless body with cat litter and left it in the attic. After receiving a visit from the police in early October, the couple got scared, and decided to chop up the body and to hide the parts in the nearby woods.

Matthew Weintraub, the Bucks County District Attorney, declared that this gruesome crime was all part of an elaborate rape-murder fantasy. The couple has been transferred to the Bucks County Prison where they will await trial.

Image source: FreeGreatPicture

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