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Motorola Debuted Moto 360 Sport Smartwatch in Berlin – Mirror Daily

Motorola’s new collection contains both male and female models.

During the Wednesday’s IFA presentation, Motorola debuted Moto 360 Sport smartwatch in Berlin. The new collection contains both male and female models, which can be customized according to users’ preferences. Wearers may change cases, bands, colors and materials in the Moto Maker design studio.

Tech companies race to attract customers during this year’s IFA event in Berlin. Although Samsung and other tech giants have stolen the show, smaller companies still manage to draw the attention with the products they release. Motorola, too, has introduced a new line of smartwatches that boasts many interesting features.

The Moto 360 Sport model has the same round shape of its predecessor, Next Generation Moto 360. The male model is a little bit larger; it comes in 46mm and 42mm sizes, whereas the female prototype is slightly smaller with a 42mm case and a 16mm wrist band. Both timepieces have a resistant display due to the Gorilla Glass 3 case, the developer has explained.

The battery life is better compared to the one of the preceding models. Developers have stated that the female model has a 300mAh battery that lasts one day and a half with mixed activities. When the Ambient Light option is turned on the battery life drops to one day of battery life.

For the male model, a 400mAh battery has been provided. This guarantees up to two days of continuous use, but ambient lights have to be turned off, nonetheless.

There are many options that Motorola has added to its new smart timepieces to make them more useful to wearers. They have heart-rate monitors, Gyroscope, Ambient Light and Accelerometer. The Snapdragon 400 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU delivers fast responses to all users’ queries, together with the 512MB of RAM.

Wearers can store data of up to 4GB on all Moto 360 Sport Watches. The gadgets are dust and water resistant and they can even support wireless charging. In addition, they work with both Android and iOS based devices. iPhone users, too, may also pair the Moto 360 Sport Watch with Apple’s smartphone.

Moto 360 watches will be available for purchase starting this September, but developers have added that the first model to hit store shelves will be the standard version. BestBuy, Verizon, and Nordstrom are the retailers that will begin commercializing the new watch, according to Motorola.

The collection will be available in North America, Asia, Latin America and Europe. Prices may vary from $299.99 to $429.99, depending on the embedded features.

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