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Mozilla CEO Slams Windows 10’s Impracticality • Mirror Daily

Mozilla is not satisfied with the new operating system from Microsoft.

Mozilla CEO slams Windows 10’s impracticality as he says that the new way to set a default browser is much too complicated and requires more time than on all previous Windows versions. This may prove to be a grave issue for those who are switching to the newest version of the popular OS.

The number ten installment of Windows comes with a newly designed browser that may well represent the downfall of what was once a bad dream – Internet Explorer. But there’s a slight problem, which Chris Beard, the CEO of Mozilla, has felt the need to explicitly point out to the public and to the company that makes Windows 10 – Microsoft.

So much so, that the non-profit organization behind the popular browser Firefox has taken to a blog post on their official website, as well as an open letter on the same website, from CEO to CEO. Chris Beard to Satya Nadella. The latter has been the center of attention for quite a while, as being the one who captained the development, advertising, as well as the actual release of Windows 10.

Chris Beard says in his open letter that he is personally disappointed with the decision of Microsoft to require users to explicitly say which default app they want for each service or file type. What does this mean?

It means that when one clicks the little pop-up from either Mozilla or Chrome browsers saying to set the respective browser as default, the user is automatically redirected to a settings menu. Once there, you have to scroll to the bottom of the little page where there is the drop-down (or rather jump-up) menu with all the browsers.

This should do it. But Beard maintains that this is far too complicated and intrusive on the users’ experience. He dubs the process confusing and hard to navigate, and thinks users would easily get lost. Yet, as one commenter to a report of this piece of news says: wouldn’t people who actually want to change their default browsers know a thing or two about changing settings? Not to be biased, but it isn’t exactly rocket science.

Yet Beard goes on to say that this is a move to openly force users to adopt Microsoft’s new Edge by making it difficult to change it. However, some commenters are finding this hypocritical of Mozilla, as not that long ago it unilaterally changed users’ default search engine to Yahoo. Tsk tsk!

However inconvenient, this little inconvenience does little to change the overall good reviews that Windows 10 has so far received. Still, if you find it difficult, up there on the blog post there is a video by Mozilla on how to change the default browser.

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