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Mozilla Firefox 44 Now Welcomes Push Notifications

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Mozilla Firefox 44 now welcomes push notifications after following in the footsteps of Google Chrome. The highly useful feature will likely be a welcome addition for Firefox users, and it’s all ready for download right now. All you have to do is get the latest version of the browser.

Back in April, 2015, Google’s Chrome browser introduced push notifications for their Chrome 42 version, while the rest fell behind. Firefox, however, is catching up. The Mozilla web browser for Windows, Mac, or Linux will now be using the Web Push protocol W3C (Worldwide Web Consortium) and the Push API (application programming interface).

The description of push notifications is relatively easy. Websites will be able to send you notifications, such as new mail or chat notices, even if they are no longer open in a browser tab. It’s incredibly useful, considering it can only be done with the user’s permission. It’s a simple matter of managing which sites you will allow to nag you about various services on the web. Be it Facebook, e-mail, chats, or anything else, there won’t be a need to keep the tab open.

It saves a lot of time between switching and refreshing the pages.

In order to manage their push notifications, users need to head over to the browser’s Options, Content, Choose, and then under Notifications. This way, they will be able to pick and choose which websites will be allowed to send them. Perhaps you might not want all of them to nag you at the same time.

It should be well underlined that Web Push requires explicit permission for it to send push notifications.

Firefox is also the second among popular browsers to enable the feature, following Google’s Chrome. Now, the others have been left behind, such as Safari, Opera and Microsoft’s Edge, though it is possible they will update at some point in the future as well.

In the newest update, Firefox also renounced support for the RC4 cipher over HTTPS connections. It’s a service commonly used on browsers for the purpose of encryption, but it has been noted to have several vulnerabilities across the years. Google once again took the lead on the matter and made this modification for Chrome 48, with Microsoft to do the same for Internet Explorer and Edge later this year.

The Firefox 44 is available for download, so users can start managing their push notifications at once. It could be particularly useful for e-mail, weather, shopping, or social networks.

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