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NASA is sending art on an asteroid •

In order to send your art to the asteroid you must create a piece that is space themed and then post it on Twitter or Instagram.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – An asteroid art show might be the new thing in art exhibitions. The only inconvenience is that the public is very, icy, and it’s actually just an asteroid. Also, the art will not be displayed, per se, but rather stored in a digital version on a memory drive that the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will leave on the asteroid’s surface.

If you think that an asteroid art-show might be the new thing, then all you have to do is create an art piece that is space-themed and upload it on Twitter tagging @OSIRISREx, or Instagram using the tag @OSIRIS_Rex. The photo must also be accompanied by the hashtag #WeTheExplorers.

The “Origins-Spectral Interpretation Resource Identification Security-Regolite Explorer” or, OSIRIS-REx, for short, spacecraft will be launched this April. The NASA craft will fly back to the asteroid Bennu. Its main mission is to collect samples from the asteroid’s surface and bring them back to Earth.

Scientists are impatient to get their hands on some asteroid samples because they think that many questions concerning the origin of life on the planet can be answered by studying the rogue space objects.

OSIRIS-REx’s secondary mission is to discard the art file on the asteroid where our artistic print will survive for millions of years.

NASA’s initiative of sending art files to an asteroid has nothing to do with the hopes that the files will be found someday by aliens. Extra-terrestrial beings who, only in Hollywood movies or Sci-Fi channel TV-shows, will have the technology of reading the data drive. And then decide that our planet’s art is far too precious for them not to put Earth on their vacation list.

There have been other times in which NASA sent art in the outer space. The first and most important piece of art was the Golden Record meant to show any alien space peers what a human sounds like. The problem with the disk it’s that it is a phonograph record. Not even the inhabitants of Earth can use such a piece of technology in modern days.

In 2014, there was a campaign centered on the same Bennu asteroid. The difference is that two years ago, NASA was encouraging people to add their names on the chip that was left on the asteroid in the previous mission.

An asteroid art show might be the new thing in artistic exhibitions. Sure, nobody will see your art on the actual asteroid, but you could gather some fans on Twitter or Instagram. Don’t forget about the #WeAreExplorers hashtag.

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