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NASA unravels mysteries of huge space explosion • Mirror Daily

Deep in the Constellation Carina, are the most luminous and mystifying star system, some 10,000 light years away. The two massive stars are known as Eta Carinae and it has erupted twice in the 19th century and scientists have still not been able to solve the mystery of these eruptions. Scientists are predicting a massive explosion which will lead to the formation of a supernova.

The brighter and the primary star have a mass 90 times our Sun. It also outshines it five million times. The composition and other details of the smaller companion are being hotly debated. Powerful gaseous outflows known as Stellar Winds are produced by the stars and it completely shrouds it making it impossible to directly observe it. However the gas is hot dense to the point that it starts to emit X-rays which are observable.

Both the stars are losing masses at a high rate. However there is still no evidence that either of the two stars will cease to exist.

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