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Fidget spinners were the top internet craze over the past few months, but they have already started losing their popularity

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Fidget spinners took America by storm, but it seems that their popularity has already started declining. Data regarding online sales shows that the toy is no longer as popular among teens and children as it used to be. This might affect Amazon or other retail giants, who took great advantage from the popularity of the toy.

Google data shows fidget spinners started trending near the end of January and the beginning of February. However, both searches and sales peaked in May, when the toy achieved top popularity among children. However, new data shows that their interest has started fading.

Fidget spinners owned the supremacy over online sales

Fidget spinners have been everywhere on the interest during the past month, and dozens of YouTube videos of people playing with the toy became viral. However, the trend seems to be over. This comes as quite bad news for Amazon, Toys R Us, or Walmart, which acquired a lot of benefits from selling the toy.

The dominance of the fidget spinner was so great that, for the past months, around 17 percent of online sales per day consisted of orders for the toy. Toys R Us had to bring a supply of thousands of spinners to satisfy the huge demands of the customers.

Health benefits or safety hazards?

Many blamed the toy as another distraction for kids, but some experts thought it actually brought some benefits. They claimed that fidget spinners were great in helping kids suffering from ADHD and anxiety to deal with their conditions. Even so, they raised many safety concerns.

Many cases reported fidget spinners as choking hazards, as some children put them in their mouths and nearly choked on loose pieces. Also, while throwing the toy in the air, one child nearly lost an eye. This led to several school banning spinners, not only for the safety concerns, but also because they serve as distractions for children during classes.
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A woman from Maine was attacked by a rabid raccoon while jogging

(Mirror Daily, United States) – A woman from Maine went for a jog in the woods near her home, when she was suddenly attacked by a rabid raccoon. After the animal bit on her thumb, she managed to drown it in a puddle nearby. The attack came unexpectedly and took the victim by surprise, but she was able to think quickly and escape.

The girl encountered the raccoon while jogging near the forest

On June 3rd, Rachel Borch, aged 21, was getting ready to go for a run on a fire road near her home, when her brother warned her to be careful, as he saw a raccoon roaming around. Both of them found it quite odd, since it was daytime, and raccoons are nocturnal animals.

Later, while Borch was running, she suddenly stumbled upon the so-called raccoon, which was hiding under an underbrush and kept baring its teeth at the woman in a ferocious manner. She found this behavior peculiar, so she immediately knew she had to be careful with the bites.

She managed to escape after she drowned the animal

First, she started dancing and making sudden moves around the rabid animal, while thinking what she can do to escape. She realized the raccoon was going to bite her and, since she had nothing protect herself with, she thought it had better bite her hands rather than any other body part.

The animal flung at her thumb, bit it and, then, she noticed a swampy puddle nearby. With all her strength, she pushed the head of the raccoon into the water, and managed to drown it. After it stopped clenching its jaws over Borch’s thumb, she knew it was safe to let go.

On June 5th, the Maine CDC confirmed that the raccoon was suffering from rabies. The disease is quite common in most US regions and, if one infected animal is spotted, most surely there are other creatures in the area infected as well. They don’t always look aggressive, but they can also be dizzy or delirious.
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Eastern Iowa family chained child to weight.

According to the Peosta authorities, three adults were recently taken into custody and charged with child endangerment, after the police discovered they’d chained a child to weight in order to stop him from running away from home. One of the defendants pled guilty to the charge, telling the jury that he only fashion the chain attached to the weight.

Iowa Family Chains Child to Weight

An Eastern Iowa Court was recently faced with a most unusual case. According to court documents, three individual, identified by the authorities as being Cynthia Kobusch, Michael Kobusch, and Jeffrey Merfeld, are accused of child endangerment with resulted in bodily harm. Merfeld, Cynthia’s brother, declared before the magistrates that he didn’t consider himself guilty of any crime and went ahead in order to clear his name.

According to the authorities, the three individuals were taken into custody, after a child was discovered chained to a big weight in Cynthia and Michael’s house. The large weight was attached to the boy’s waist and secured with a robust padlock. The suspects’ testimonies reveal that this seemingly Medieval system had been devised by the boy’s uncle at the request of his parent.

Cynthia Said She Wanted a GPS Collar for Her Son

Cynthia and Michael told the authorities that the child had severe behavior issue and, as a result, he ran away from home on more than one occasion. The couple told the jury and the magistrates that all their attempts of disciplining the child were fruitless and that they sought alternative ways to teach him that running away from your problems is not an answer.

Jeffrey declared that one day, his sister approached him and explained that he wanted to get his son a GPS collar. However, the woman said that her son could easily take off such a device and asked the boy’s uncle to fashion a chain strong enough so that the boy can’t break it

After the man had created the metal chain, he gave it to the boy’s parent. But, instead of using it to install the GPS collar, the couple attached it to a heavy weight and chained the boy to it. Moreover, to make sure that he will not run away from home, they’ve secured the chain with a padlock.

During his hearing, the child’s uncle pleaded guilty to the charge of child endangerment with resulted in bodily harm and told the court that he merely provided the chain, and was not informed about how it will be used.

Image source: PublicDomainPictures

A man from New Mexico has been taken into custody for pushing his wife out of the vehicle.

One often wonder how far a domestic dispute between husband and wife can go. It appears that a recent event, which took place in New Mexico, proves that an irate husband is capable of doing just about anything to get rid of his wife’s constant nagging. A 53-year-old individual was recently booked into the Dona Ana County Detention Center after he allegedly beat his wife and threw her out a moving vehicle.

New Mexico Resident Throws Wife from Car

Horacio Moreno (53) was recently taken into custody and charged with aggravated battery, resulting in life-threatening injuries, and battery against a family member. According to the authorities, the individual has already posted his bail, and now awaits the result of his trial.

Moreno’s story began on Saturday evening. The man was due to return to this New Mexico home in order to pick up his wife. According to the woman’s testimony, Horacio Moreno showed up at the house later than expected and opened the car’s door.

After jumping inside the car, Moreno’s 37-year-old wife noticed that the man was grasping a handgun. When confronted by his wife regarding the weapon, the man chose to remain silent. Nearing an intersection, the New Mexico man reportedly hit his wife at least a couple of times in the face, opened the side door, and brutally shoved her out of the speeding vehicle.

The Woman’s Injuries Were Not Life-Threatening

An eyewitness occupying a vehicle stopped and dialed 911. According to a Police Department spokesperson, when the 37-year-old woman was found, she was unresponsive. The paramedics took her to the local hospital where the ER doctors treated her for non-life-threatening injuries.

Moreno managed to elude the authorities for some time, but he was finally found and apprehended. When confronted with his deed, the 53-year-old New Mexico resident, made no attempts to explain his gesture.

For now, the reasons the man’s shocking gesture remain unknown. Was it the man’s plan to get back at his wife? Or did he really meant to kill her? Horacio Moreno, the New Mexico man who savagely beat his wife and threw her out a moving vehicle has been arrested and charged with aggravated battery which resulted in bodily harm and battery against a family member.

According to a New Mexico authorities, the suspect already posted the bail but will remain in police custody pending the outcome of his trial. We will keep up apprised if there are any developments.

Image source: Pexels

An Ohio traffic offense suspect dropped a bag of cocaine in court.

On the subject of a simple day can go from bad to worse, we present you the case of 39-year-old from Lorain, Ohio, who is now wanted by the authorities for possessing, transporting, and consuming controlled substances after he dropped a bag full of cocaine during his court hearing. According to the authorities, the man came in to answer for a minor traffic offense.

Ohio Resident In Court for Traffic Offense

The Ohio authorities have recently issued an arrest warrant for Lemar Reed, a 39-year-old Lorain resident. According to the man’s affidavit, he’s being wanted for possessing illegal substances.

The man’s scuffle with the law began a couple of days ago. Being cited for a minor traffic offense, the man was compelled to make a court appearance. Throughout his trial, which was presided by Judge Mark Mihok, the man seemed a little on the age, and constantly playing with his blue baseball cap.

Mihok told the reporters that Lemar Reed committed a minor traffic offense, for which he received a traffic ticket. However, his recent court appearance will change his life forever.

Reed Dropped a Bag of Cocaine on the Floor

After the trial had ended and Reed left, one of the officer present during the individual’s hearing saw a transparent plastic bag on the floor, next to the chair Reed was sitting. The officer picked up the mysterious package and opened it. According to his statements, it contained a powder-like substance which resembled cocaine.

The package and its contents were both tested on the spot and, lo and behold, the substance tested positive for cocaine. Naturally, the law enforcement officers review the surveillance tapes to see who was the owner of the mysterious cocaine bag.

The surveillance footage revealed that, during his trial, Lemar Reed flipped his hat so many times that the bag containing the magic powder dropped out of it.  Judge Mark Mihok was informed by the law enforcement officers about the nature of the substance and, of course, to whom it belongs to.

Of course, in lack of a more appropriate response, Mihok declared that this is the first time something like this happens. Also mentioned that Reed is probably one of the unluckiest beings on this planet because he came in to answer for a small traffic offense and now the police are hot on his trail, since he might be a drug dealer.

At this point, the Lorain Police Department is working towards established Lemar Reed’s whereabouts.

Image source: Wikipedia

Two Louisiana elementary school teachers have been arrested for bullying a student.

According to a St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, two elementary school teachers has recently been detained and accused of interfering in school operations and intimidation. The authorities have reasons to believe that the two individuals bullied a student on several occasions, and encouraged other students to act in the same manner.

Louisiana Elementary School Teachers Arrested

Bobby Guidroz, of the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office, told the reporters that 44-year-old Ann Marie Shelvin and 50-year-old Tracy Gallow had been taken into custody for bullying a student. According to Guidroz, the investigation began shortly after the student’s mother contacted the authorities and told them that her son was mistreated at school, not by his colleagues, but by Anne Marie Shelvin, one of the child’s teachers.

According to the boy’s mother, on more than one occasion, the elementary school teacher belittled the child and bullied him. Moreover, the woman’s affidavit states that she used to threaten the whole class if they did not join her sick game.

Teachers Pushed and Yelled at the Boy

Albeit uncommon for a teacher to behave like this, it would appear that Shelvin’s bullying managed to cross a very thin line. Guidroz told the reporters that that boy’s mother accused Shelvin of telling her son that he is unimportant and that the world would be a better place if he committed suicide.

Following the woman’s complaint, Shelvin was suspended from teaching, placed into custody and charged with intimidation and interfering with school operations. However, the woman’s victory was to be short-lived, as another bully teacher stepped up to take Shelvin’s place.

According to Bobby Guidroz, after Shelving got suspended, 50-year-old Tracy Gallow took her place. Unfortunately, the attacks against the boy did not cease but grew more violent instead. After reviewing the security footage from a surveillance camera mounted in the boy’s classroom, the authorities saw Gallow yelling at the boy, in the same manner as her predecessor.

Moreover, it appears that one occasion, the elementary school teacher from Louisiana can be seen on tape pushing the child while yelling at him. Of course, following the mother’s complaint, the woman was arrested and may face the same charges as her colleague.

Meanwhile, Patrick Jenkins, the Louisiana elementary school’s superintendent has begun a formal inquiry to determine why Shelvin and Gallow, her colleague, bullied the boy. As for the two suspects, they have recently been charged with intimidation and interfering with school operations.

Image source: Pixabay

Bipolar inmate dies at Milwaukee County Jail after correctional officers deprived him of water.

Recently, several staff members of the Milwaukee County Jail, prison director included, have come under fire after a convict died due to severe dehydration. According to the authorities, as a part of a wicked disciplinary method moved the convict in solitary confinement and turned off the water. The coroner stated that the convict’s death is a homicide.

On the 24th of April 2016, Terrill Thomas, a Milwaukee County Jail inmate was found dead in his cell. According to the coroner’s report, the man died as a result of severe dehydration. Following Thomas’s death, an internal investigation was started in order to uncover why the inmate did not receive any water.

According to Assistant Attorney Kurt Benkley, Thomas was diagnosed with a severe case of bipolar disorder. Due to his condition, the inmate was being kept under constant observation in the prison’s psychiatric ward.

However, several days before his death, Thomas was moved from the psychiatric ward to solitary confinement. Some of the correctional officers who handled the inmate and were called upon to testify before the court admitted that Thomas was known to act up from time to time and that they’ve decided to teach him a little lesson.

As a result, the inmate was moved to solitary confinement in order to ‘cool down.’ However, it appears that this was more than an attempt to discipline a rowdy convict. According to their statements, as soon as Thomas was placed in solitary confinement, a couple of correctional officers turned off the water in his cell.

Furthermore, in their defense, they’ve declared that the inmate never asked for a drop of water nor complained about not having water in his cell. However, due to his condition, Thomas was not capable of requesting water.

The investigation revealed that, on more than one occasion, correctional officers were approached by other inmates who told them that Thomas is quite thirsty and that he’s not looking so good. Unfortunately, the correctional officers ignored their warnings.

And so, on the 24th of April 2016, Terrill Thomas was found unconscious on the cell’s floor. The staff’s attempts to resuscitate him were useless. Thomas’s death was the starting point of a criminal investigation, involving several correctional officers and the Milwaukee County Jail’s director.

New information reveals that some of the correctional officers were not aware that the water in Thomas’s cell had been turned off.

Image source: Wikipedia

Preston Strong, also called the Arizona Butcher, was found guilty of murdering six people in 2005.

Preston Strong, an individual, considered by many a butcher, has recently been found guilty of murdering his best friend, his wife, and four children in 2005. Strong of Yuma, Arizona, who’s currently serving life in prison for the murder of a physician, may face the death penalty for his recent murder streak. Prosecutors declared that Strong took his time to kill his victims, according to the evidence recovered from the crime scene.

Arizona Butcher Serves Life in Prison for 2007 Murder

A recent trial that took place in Yuma, Arizona, proves how perverted the human mind can be when it comes to earning more money. The Yuma County judges who presided over Preston Strong’s trial declared that the man’s recent actions were solely motivated by the financial factor.

According to the man’s court documents, he is currently serving life in prison for brutally murdering Satinder Gill, a doctor from Yuma County, back in 2007. The documents showed that Strong attacked his physician, strangled him, and bashed his head in using a blunt instrument.

Recent developments in another incident, which took place in 2005, proves the Arizona butcher’s involvement. Preston Strong was accused and found guilty of savagely murdering Luis Rosa (35), Adrienne Heredia (29), the man’s wife, and the couple’s four children, with ages between 6 and 13.

It Took Preston Six Hours to Kill His Victims

Reportedly, Rosa was Preston Strong’s best friend, and, on more than on occasion, Strong has been seen living Rosa’s Yuma house. However, the friendship with Rosa and his family didn’t stop the Arizona butcher from killing them and to steal their possessions.

According to the man’s affidavit, in 2005, under the pretext of visiting his best friend, the Arizona butcher entered Rosa’s house and systematically murdered all the members of his family. However, as we delve deeper into the details of Strong’s murders, we find out that the man took his time to kill his victims.

The prosecutors declared that the six victims were killed over a period of six hours, and, per the coroner’s report, Strong’s favorite method of execution was strangulation. However, it would appear that he also shot some of his victims.

The authorities were able to track down and apprehend the Arizona butcher after finding Strong’s fingerprints on Rosa’s nightstand, and baffling enough, on his steering wheel. It appears that the man used his best friend’s car in order to flee the scene.

Preston Strong was found guilty of all six charges of first-degree murder and might risk the capital punishment.

Image source: Wikipedia

A Georgia couple was taken into custody after they’ve brutally murdered two people.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Recently, the Lawrenceville community has been turned upside down by a series of grisly events, which claimed the lives of an elderly couple. According to a Gwinnett County Police Department spokesperson, Cassie Bjorge (17) and Johnny Rider (19), two Lawrenceville teens, has recently been taken into custody and charged with the murder of Bjorge’s grandparents and for their attempt to kill the boy’s older sister as well as her boyfriend.

The details of the Georgia couple’s murders are horrific, for lack of another term. According to the authorities, Cassie Bjorge was living with Wendy and Randall Bjorge, her maternal grandparents. On more than one occasion, the teen complained about the couple being too strict. And so, the teen together with Johnny Rider, her boyfriend, devised a plan to eliminate the girl’s grandparents.

Elderly Couple Slaughtered in Their Own House

With no remorse, Cassie and Johnny butchered the elderly couple and hid their bodies inside the house. According to the authorities, Wendy and Randall Bjorge suffered an excruciating death at the hands of the teen couple. The two used baseball bats, several knives, a hammer, and even a tire iron in order to kill the two individuals.

However, what came after that is even more terrifying. Allegedly, after killing Cassie’s grandparents, the two of them dumped the bodies in a room and placed rags under the door to prevent the rotten smell from spreading to other areas of the house. Moreover, right after murdering the elderly couple, the two teens smoked marijuana inside the house.

According to their testimonies, they’ve shared the same house with the bodies for several days, and they’ve even thrown a party inside the house. However, the Georgia couple had bigger plans. After murdering Cassie’s grandparents, the couple decided that they should also kill Rider’s family members.

The authorities declared that they tried to murder Rider’s sister and boyfriend, but, fortunately, their attempt ended in failure.

Authorities Tracked Down the Georgia Couple Helped by Rider’s Sister

A Gwinnett County Police Department spokesperson declared that the bodies of Wendy and Randall Bjorge were discovered during a welfare check. Subsequently, the authorities were able to identify, track down, and arrest Cassie Bjorge and Johnny Rider after the boy’s sister told them about their murder attempt.

Given the gravity of the murders, the authorities requested the assistance of a SWAT team to apprehend the Georgia couple. The two were tracked down to an apartment complex, where the authorities managed to place them in custody.

Image source: Flickr

A 43-year-old woman from Missouri was arrested after she tore off her husband’s genital.

A 43-year-old woman from St. Louis, Missouri was recently arrested and charged with attempted manslaughter, aggravated domestic abuse, and drug possession. According to the authorities, the St. Louis woman, identified as Christina Palmer Anderson, castrated her husband, whom she believed had cheated on her with the couple’s crystal meth dealer. The man was rushed to the hospital where the doctors needed to induce a coma to preserve the man’s vital functions.

Missouri Woman Punishes her Husband for His Alleged Infidelity

Christina Palmer Anderson has been taken into custody after she severed the husband’s genitals using her teeth. The mind-boggling story of how Anderson’s husband was placed in an induced coma, began several days ago, the couple’s St. Louis home.

Palmer Anderson, whom the authorities described as a heavy crystal meth user, learned that her husband cheated on her with her crystal meth dealer. According to the woman’s statements, while returning home from the weekend, Palmer Anderson saw her husband having sexual relations with her crystal meth dealer.

That’s the moment Anderson realized that she had to punish her husband in an exemplary manner, and what better way to do it that to take away his manhood. The Missouri woman told the investigators that, prior to the event, she spent quite a lot of time sharpening her teeth using a nail file, because she felt like this thing must happen fast.

And so, the woman waited for her husband to return home and told him to go and wait for her in the bedroom. Palmer Anderson tied her husband to the bed and told him that it is part of a sexual game she devised.

Anderson Sharpened Her Teeth With a Nail File

While immobilized, the enraged and scorned woman tore off her husband’s genitals and left him lying on the bed, in a pool of blood. After committing the gruesome deed, the woman went to another area of the house in order to smoke some crystal meth.

The man managed to break free of his restraints and to call the authorities before passing out. According to the St. Louis Police Department, when the paramedics, firefighters, and police officers arrived at the scene, they’ve found the man passed out on the blood-stained bed and the woman smoking meth in the living room.

Furthermore, when asked about the deed, Palmer Anderson seemed very proud of what she’s done, and kept repeating how she emasculated her husband because the man cheated on her. The individual was taken to the hospital where the doctors induced a coma in order to preserve his vital function.

Presently, the man is in a stable condition, but the doctors said that he would need plenty of reconstructive surgery.

Image source: Wikipedia

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