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One man was killed and several were injured during a botched mall heist on Sunday.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – One person was fatally shot, and several were wounded during a botched mall heist which took place on Sunday in San Antonio. Police officials declared that the suspects involved in the mall heist were trying to rob a jewelry store.

San Antonio police officials declared that a botched mall heist ended in tragedy after two armed suspects fatally shot a person who tried to intervene and wounded several bystanders. The shooting occurred at the Rolling Oaks Mall, on Sunday, at 3:30 pm.

According to William McManus, San Antonio’s Chief of Police, two armed suspects entered a jewelry store with the intent of robbing it. During their impromptu heist, the suspects were caught in the act and had to flee the scene.

McManus said that at one point during their swift departure, an unknown person tried to stop the robbers. One of them drew out their gun and shot their pursuer. San Antonio’s chief of police declared that this scene was witness by another shopper, who had a concealed weapon permit

Seeing that the suspects shot the individual, the man took out his gun and managed to injure one of them. Unfortunately, the individual shot by the assailants was pronounced dead at the scene.

During the firefight, several bystanders were injured, including a pregnant woman who was later taken to the hospital. Upon arrival, the law enforcement authorities placed the mall of lockdown and escorted the shoppers to safety.

According to McManus, one of the armed suspects involved in the botched mall heist was critically injured during a firefight with the law enforcement officers, while the other one managed to flee the scene.

McManus added that the second suspect managed to hotwire and steal a car, but was apprehended later that day after he crashed it near Converse.

The authorities declared that this was a tragedy. San Antoni’s Chief of Police added that this is what happens when a heist goes wrong. The armed robber who stole the vehicle has been paraded around the town before being sent to jail. As for his accomplice, the law enforcement authorities declared that he is currently in hospital, being treated for critical injuries.

For their deeds, the two suspects will be charged with capital murder and aggravated assault. As for the other shoppers who were injured during the shooting, the authorities declared that they have received medical care for non-life-threatening injuries and have been released from the hospital.

Image source: Wikipedia

A police helicopter footage shows how Markeith Loyd was captured.

(Mirror Daily, US) – Orlando’s Police Department has recently publicized the helicopter footage of Markeith Loyd’s capture. The short video which was recorded using a police helicopter’s camera, show several heavily-armed law enforcement officers swarming around the suspect who was lying on the ground. The footage also shows a police officer kicking the suspect two times.

As you know, Markeith Loyd, the man who allegedly shot and killed his pregnant girlfriend and another law enforcement officer has recently been captured after a manhunt that lasted for more than a week.

However, as the law enforcement officers brought the suspect in for questioning, everything remarked that the man’s face was swollen up and covered in thick bandages. Before entering the police van, Markeith Loyd frantically shouted ‘They beat me!’.

It would seem that the man’s allegations might be true, a fact confirmed by a helicopter footage recently released by Orlando’s Police Department. The footage only lasts for a few seconds, but it’s enough to reconstruct the events that led to the man’s imprisonment and wounds.

According to the Orlando Police Department, Markeith Loyd was recently tracked down to an abandonment house in Carver Shores. The suspect was carrying two handguns, a tactical bulletproof vest, and a 100-round drum magazine.

As the law enforcement officers swarmed the house where Markeith Loyd was hiding, the suspect exited the building, dressed in full gear and with weapons ready. However, seeing that he was surrounded, he relinquished his weapons to the law enforcement officers.

The police officers who made the arrest said that when Loyd was asked to put down his weapons, he became agitated and that they had to use force to disarm him. The footage recorded via a camera mounted on a police helicopter shows several armed officers circling the suspect, who was on the ground.

After a few seconds, a police officer carrying an assault rifle came up to the suspect and began hitting him in the torso and the face. As the officer continued to kick the suspect,  the helicopter’s camera pans away from the scene, as to abscond some of the details of Loyd’s arrest.

However, it would seem that even if Loyd presses charges against the officers, it won’t change much, considering the fact that the man allegedly murdered his girlfriend and unborn child in cold blood, and executed a police sergeant on the same day.

Image source: Wikipedia

An Ohio mom has been charged with child abuse after restraining her child using packing tape.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – And in other news, an 18-years-old Ohio mom was recently charged with child abuse misdemeanor after a video emerged on Facebook. Authorities declared that the short video depicts the young woman taping her child to the wall, and giving parents advice on how to deals with misbehaving children.

Reynoldsburg authorities have taken an 18-years-old Ohio mom into custody, after being tipped off by a local news outlet regarding a potential child abuse case. The Reynoldsburg news outlet relayed the information to the law enforcement authorities after a concerned user, who wished to maintain anonymity, saw a rather disturbing video posted on the woman’s Facebook account.

The woman, later identified as being Shayla Rudolph is seen taping her child to the wall. Lieutenant Ron Wright of Reynoldsburg’s Police Department said that they’d received the complaint regarding the child abuse case on Wednesday.

As the police review the video, they could clearly see the woman lifting her infant, placing him against the wall and covering him with packing tape. According to Wright, the child must have stayed in that awkward position for at least 15 minutes.

At the point, the woman thought that taping him to the wall wasn’t a good enough punishment, and decided to place some packing tape on his mouth in order to keep him quiet. For the duration of the video, the viewers can distinctly hear the child’s muffled screams in the background, while his mother goes about her business, giving ‘life-saving’ advice to parents on how to deal with rowdy children.

During the video, Shayla Rudolph, the Ohio mom, kept telling her viewers that taping your son to the wall is probably the best solution out there to keep them still while you go about your chores. For each and every foreseeable problem, Shayla had only one solution – ‘Tape him to the wall.’

After the authorities had reviewed the disturbing material uploaded by Shayla on her Facebook account, they’ve taken the mother into custody and placed the child into protective custody. However, the officials said that the child would most likely live with his mother’s parents for the duration of the trial and imprisonment.

The 18-year-old Ohio mom has been charged with abduction. Ron Wright, who was also involved in the case, declared for a news outlet that he has been with Reynoldsburg’s Police Department for 21 odd years, but he didn’t see someone tapping a kid to the wall in order to keep him quiet.

Image source: Flickr

A statue of Buddha has re-emerged from the waters of a local reservoir after six decades.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Residents of the Jiangxi Province have witnessed something that can be called a miracle. A statue of Buddha has re-emerged from the waters of a local reservoir after six decades.

The statue, which measures approximately 4 meters in height, was carved into a cliff, and, according to the archeological team, it is at least 600 years old.
China lost a lot of its historical relics during the Cultural Revolution, which started in the 1960s. As we know, during the (in)famous movement, China got rid of all artifact that tied it to its feudalistic, superstition-laden past.

Unfortunately, the great movement which would pave the way for a Modern China came at a great cost – many relics, some of them hundreds of years old, were lost. However, the recent discovery shows that there is some hope for China to recover its cultural heritage. The statue of Buddha, which mysteriously reemerged from a reservoir in Jiangxi Province, has not been seen for at least six decades. According to the authorities, the statue was discovered by a villager a month ago, during routine work on one of the reservoir’s water gate. At that time, the reservoir’s water level dropped by at least 10 meters. While working, the villager caught a glimpse of something that looks like a human head, only to discover later that the reservoir’s waters were hiding a gigantic Buddha likeness. The statue became even more evident, after the reservoir’s water level dropped. The team of an archaeologist who went to investigate the villager’s discovery declared that this is indeed one of those times when it’s for the best to bury something. If not for the man-made reservoir and the high water level, the statue of Buddha would have surely met its demise during the Cultural Revolution. Upon examination, the archaeologists concluded that the statue of Buddha is at least 600 years old, dating back to the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644).

Xu Changqing, the director of Jiangxi’s Research Institute of Archaeology, declared that the perfectly-preserved likeness of Buddha might only be the tip of the iceberg. The team found the remains of a temple at the bottom of the reservoir. Changqing added that this discovery shouldn’t be that surprising, considering the fact that the man-made reservoir was built right on top of an ancient city of Xiaoshi.

Image Source: Pixabay

A video depicting deputies struggling to save a man’s life shows the importance of carrying Narcan.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – A video depicting several Sheriff’s deputies struggling to save a man’s life who overdosed on heroin has gone viral on the Internet. The 3-minute-long video shows the importance of carrying the life-saving Narcan, the OD reversal drug.
A new video showing the dangers of abusing heroin has just sprung up on the Internet. The United States is currently confronting with a nationwide opioid epidemic. It is a crisis unlike any other which has claimed the life of many people. The only thing that can make a difference in the field is a new drug called Narcan.

An ampule of medicine and nasal dispenser – that’s all you need to save someone’s life. Recently, most law enforcement officers have been issued Narcan, the life-saving drug. It helps people experiencing the symptoms of overdose. The recent video that popped on the Internet shows the brutal side of using heroin. A man walking through a back alley saw an individual on the ground and immediately called the police. The sheriff’s deputies who arrived at the scene tried to make the man come to his senses, but he was too far under the influence of the narcotic. One of the officers told the press, who also arrived at the scene, that the man’s eyes were rolled to the back of his head, and that his skinned turned gray. The man was hardly breathing when the law enforcement officers arrived. Fortunately for him, the officers who responded to the call knew exactly what happened to him. During the interview, one of the sheriff’s deputies told the reporter that this isn’t the first case of heroin OD they’ve seen. And, unfortunately, it won’t be the last one. Without hesitation, one of the officers took out his Narcan kit and administered the life-saving drug. Within minutes, as the ambulance pulled in to take the man to the local hospital, to everyone’s astonishment, the man opened his eyes. However, the next moment shocked the officers and the reporters. After the officers had managed to bring the man to his senses, the paramedics strapped the man to a gurney and loaded him into the ambulance. A couple of minutes later, the camera pans back to the man, only to see him standing upright and talking with one of the paramedics. As the reporters explained, after the man was taken in the ambulance, he got up and told the medics that he did not require medical attention and that he wished to leave.

Seeing that they had no choice, the paramedics released him. The final part of the video depicts the reporter talking to the man, asking him about his heroin addiction and how he feels about getting help.

Image Source: Wikimedia

A team of US researchers is close to cracking one of the most famous cases of plane hijacking.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – A team of US researchers is on the verge of cracking one of the most famous cases in the history of plane hijacking. Citizen Sleuths believes that the assailant who extorted $200,000 from the Federal Bureau of Investigations in the early ‘70s might have been working at Boeing. Citizen Sleuths, a group of researchers from the United States, recently declared that that D.B. Cooper, the air terrorist who disappeared into thin air with $200,000 might have been working at an aerospace plant or, possibly for Boeing. The team arrived at this conclusion after carefully analyzing a JC Penney clip-on tie which authorities believe that it belonged to D.B Coopers. Although no one can say for sure what happened to the man responsible for the ‘70s hijacking, Citizens Sleuths believes that they are one step closer to solving this 45-year-old mystery.

After carefully analyzing the tie using an electron microscope, the scientists discovered subtle traces of pure titanium, strontium sulfide, and cerium. In a press release, Citizen Sleuths declared that the particles picked up by the electron microscope rarely occur in nature.

As such,  the only plausible explanation is that the tie must have belonged to someone who was working in an aerospace plant. Their findings are also corroborated by the fact that during the ‘60s and the ‘70s, Boeing was working on the Sonic Transport plane. And those were some of the materials used to construct the plane’s airframe. Although the FBI officially closed the Cooper hijacking case in 2016, Citizen Sleuths is still investigating the case, with the help of the Bureau, which gave them access to all evidence associated with the case. For those of you who don’t know about the Cooper hijacking case of 1971, here’s a little rundown. During the Portland – Seattle flight of 1971, and unknown individual, later to receive the name of D.B. Cooper from the press, quietly left his seat mid-flight and announced that he was carrying an explosive device in his briefcase. After several rounds of negotiations with the FBI, the Bureau agreed to pay Cooper the sum of $200,000. This is today’s equivalent of $1,800,000, to stand down. After receiving the sum, Cooper grabbed a parachute, opened the plan’s door, and jumped, never to be seen or heard from again.

Not even after 45 years of investigation was the FBI able to track down or establish the man’s true identity. Up until now, the Cooper hijacking case remains one the most baffling acts of terrorism in the history of plane travel.

Image Source: Flickr

A 23-year-old Sheriff’s deputy from Contra Costa has been charged with five counts of murder.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – A 23-year-old Sheriff’s deputy from Contra Costa has been charged with five counts of murder, after discharging a gun several times during a house party held in a house in Sacramento. No one was injured during the shooting, but the law enforcement officer’s employment was terminated. Up until now, 23-year-old Kyle Rowland was an exemplary Sacramento citizen and an upstanding law enforcement officer. Although Rowland joined the force in early October 2016, he was well-known and loved by Contra Costa’s citizens. Rowland was the founder and singer of a blues band, who played regularly at the Biscuits and Blues. Everyone who met Rowland described him as a kind person, with plenty of talent, and a lot of friends. In fact, some of the event’s regulars said that Rowland had no issue mingling with the ground, always prepared to crack a good joke. However, the musician and Contra Costa law enforcement officer had a dark side, one that, unfortunately, surfaced during a house party held on Friday morning, in a Sacramento residence. According to the people attending the party, Rowland was acting strangely and, at some point, some of the participants asked him to leave the party. Rowland complied, only to return later with a pair of guns. Rowland returned armed and willing to start a fight. As the Contra Costa law enforcement officer tried to incite some of the partygoers, another person, whose identity was not disclosed, jumped Rowland and attempted to disarm him. In the scuffle that followed, Rowland discharged his weapon a couple of time before the man could disarm him. The officials who responded to the 911 call declared that no one was injured during the scuffle and that Rowland sustained minor injuries. However, the injuries Rowland sustained during the fight are nothing compared to his deed. For bringing and discharging a weapon inside a house with at least ten people, Kyle Rowland, the exemplary officer and the talented blues musician, was charged with five counts of attempted murder, and will face hard jail time.

This employment was immediately terminated following the shooting. At the moment, his colleagues and superiors are trying to understand what prompted Rowland to commit such a deed. The blood tests taken from Rowland after the incident should confirm if the ex-cop was intoxicated at the time he returned armed to the Sacramento house.

Image Source: Wikimedia

An unknown person was critically injured at the residence of J Keith Motley.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Stoughton authorities are on high alert after an unknown person was critically injured at the residence of J Keith Motley, the Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts – Boston.

The man was immediately transported to a Boston hospital, where he received medical care for his injuries. Hospital’s spokesperson did not release any statements regarding the man’s condition but declared that he was stabbed at Motley’s residence. According to Donna McNamara, Stoughton’s Chief of Police, the events must have occurred on Sunday morning, at around 2 am. At 2:45 am, the local police department received a 911 call from a person saying that an individual was stabbed at J Keith Motley’s residence. The victim is a 20-year-old male who was attending a house party that morning. J Keith Motley, the University of Massachusetts – Boston Chancellor, was not present during the festivities held at his Stoughton residence and told the press that he would make an official statement as soon as he gets home. Furthermore, Motley also declared that he would not make an official press statement until he understands the facts in the case of the man near-fatally stabbed under his own roof. McNamara and Stoughton’s law enforcement officers are still trying to determine the reason why the man was stabbed during the party hosted at Motley’s residence. One of the persons attending the party told the police that a fight broke up during the evening, during which the 20-year-old male was stabbed. However, the house guests were not able to see the man’s assailant. As for the young man who was attacked, the Boston hospital’s official spokespersons declared that his condition is stable at the moment, but he isn’t out of danger. The authorities are having a hard time figuring out what happened during the party. For instance, the law enforcement officers determined that a person attending the party stabbed the man. There were no signs to suggest a break-in. Upon interviewing Motley’s neighbors, Stoughton law enforcement officer determined that Motley’s prolonged absence did not deter the people inside the house to host a big party. Neighbors declared that when the party was over, they saw a long line of cars leaving Motley’s residence. Unfortunately, they did not hear or saw anything that may help the authorities establish the identity of the knife-wielding suspect.

Chief McNamara encourages all citizens who hold vital information regarding the J Keith Motley residence incident to contact the authorities immediately.

Image Source: Pixabay

Arizona trooper was saved by a passing motorist.

(Mirror Daily, United States)-A passing motorist saved the life of an Arizona trooper who was attacked and wounded by an armed suspect on Interstate 10. The law enforcement officer was responding to a 911 call when he was attacked by an unknown assailant. The motorist shot and killed the suspect before calling for an ambulance.

Arizona officials reported that a passing motorist managed to save the life of a law enforcement officer who was ambushed by an armed suspect while investigating a rolled over vehicle. The events that led to this incredible story began when the Arizona Trooper responded to a 911 call involving a potential gun fight.

According to the caller, several gun shots were heard from a remote area near Tonopah, Interstate 10. The Arizona trooper was on his way to investigate when he came across a rolled over the vehicle. The trooper stopped his vehicle and went to see if he could render assistance to the vehicle’s occupants.

As he was setting up flares around the vehicle, an unknown individual opened fire, severely wounding the law enforcement officers. According to Captain Damon Cecil of Arizona’s Department of Public Safety, the state trooper involved in the fire exchange was shot in the chest and shoulders.

After taking down the police officer, the unknown individual sprung up from his hiding place and began to beat the wounded trooper. Being severely wounded, the officer could not defend himself. The whole scene was witnessed by passing motorist who stopped to see what was happening.

Seeing that the armed suspect was beating down the wounded officer, the motorist told him to stand down. The suspect ignored him and continued beating the Arizona trooper. The motorist went to his vehicle, grabbed his gun, and shot the suspect. The assailant was later pronounced dead at the scene.

After gunning down the suspect, the passing motorist took the officer’s radio and called in a medical helicopter, which arrived in just a couple of minutes. According to Captain Cecil, another motorist stopped by to render assistance.

The Arizona trooper was airlifted to the nearby hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. The trooper is currently recovering, and his condition is stable.

At the moment, the authorities do not know for certain why the suspect opened fire on the Arizona trooper or where he was hiding. Furthermore, the officials identified a second victim, a young woman who was ejected from the rolled over vehicle. Unfortunately, she was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Image source: Wikipedia

Lover’s quarrel nearly turned into a bloodbath after a woman stabbed his boyfriend in the chest.

A lover’s quarrel might have turned into a tragic event after a woman stabbed her boyfriend in the chest. The events took place on Saturday night in a Kearns residence. Police officials are investigating the nature of the domestic squabble which ended with a critical stabbing injury.

Lieutenant Brian Lorhke, an officer from the Unified Police Department, declared that events leading to the woman’s arrest began with two 911 calls from the Kearns neighborhood. The callers said that one man was severely wounded following a domestic incident.

Upon arriving on the scene, the officers discovered a critically wounded 39-years old man. Eyewitnesses declared that the man was stabbed at least one time in the chest after he a lover’s quarrel with his 22-year-old girlfriend.

The couple shared a home for some time, and, apparently, they would get into arguments more than often. Lorhke declared that sometimes during the evening, the couple began a fiery argument. At some point during their verbal spar, the woman drew out a knife and stabbed his boyfriend in the chest.

The police official declared that there were other people in the house at the time the woman stabbed the man and that one of them initiated the first emergency call. As for the other call, according to the authorities, after he was stabbed by his girlfriend, the man managed to get out of the house before the woman could have the chance to strike another blow to bring her lover’s quarrel to an end.

After leaving the house, the man headed straight to his neighbor’s house, who called the police and told them about what transpired. When the officials arrived, they’ve arranged for the man to be transported to the Intermountain Medical Center, where he underwent emergency surgery after his near-death experience.

According to the doctors, the man was brought in critical conditions, but they’ve managed to stabilize him for the time being. However, they have declared that the man’s condition is still life-threatening and that his road to recovery will be hard and strenuous.

As for the woman, the authorities arrested her at the scene and was taken to the police station, awaiting trial. The woman will have to answer for numerous charges, including attempt murder.

The Unified Police Department’s spokesperson refused to disclose the identities of victim and attacker, not the reason why their lover’s quarrel turned into attempted murder.

Image source: PublicDomainPictures

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