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National Parks Welcome Fourth-Graders and Their Families For Free • Mirror Daily

Fourth graders will thus experience the benefits of outdoor activities and learn the beauty of our National Parks.

Thanks to a new federal program national parks welcome fourth-graders and their families for free. The project aims to prove the importance of national parks for American citizens and to contribute to pupils’ education, the press release has explained.

The National Park Service is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2016. The administration has decided to come up with an attractive program for fourth graders and their families. These pupils will receive free yearly passes by simply completing an activity on the online platform The pass will be valid until August 31, 2016.

The announcement wrote that the decision to start this new project came to them after realizing that they had the power to shape the second century of the National Park Service. In addition, this initiative helps people pass down some of nation’s values to the young generations.

According to the Service’s declaration, the program has been developed in collaboration with the National Park Foundation. The non-profit organization is offering transportation grants to children who may not afford to travel to national parks on the U.S. territory.

Many attractive activities have been prepared for children to keep them entertained during their visit in national parks. While a simple geographic tour may not entirely capture their attention, organizers think the Junior Secret Service at the FDR home and the Junior Ranger challenge from Val-Kill will definitely do.

Moreover, fourth-graders will carry out many physically challenging activities, according to White House officials. They will be asked to hike glaciers in the region, take boat tours of the river and perform many similar activities that will keep them fit and entertained, at the same time.

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell declared herself extremely pleased with the new project that the National Park Service is developing. She believes engaging children this way will most certainly contribute to their education, will improve their trip planning skills and will provide them with sufficient packing and safety tips.

The service hopes many more children will be convinced to spend time in the outdoor once they get to know the natural beauties of our national parks.

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