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Native American Student Wins Court Battle over Right to Wear Eagle Feather at Graduation • Mirror Daily

Christian Titman has inspired all Native Americans to advocate for the values and principles of their tribes.

The Amerindian community has made an important conquest as a Native American student wins court battle over right to wear eagle feather at graduation ceremony. The Clovis High School has imposed a sober dress code for its students, but Christian Titman managed to get an exception after winning a lawsuit, new reports have stated.

Christian Titman came in the spotlight after close sources have disclosed that the Native American student has filed a lawsuit against its high school in order to get permission to wear an eagle feather at his graduation ceremony. The item is considered a sacred object in the culture of the Pit River Tribe, so the boy wanted to get the permission to wear it.

The dress code imposed by the Clovis High School does not allow students to embellish their graduation uniforms with personal accessories. The decision was adopted as the boarding commission wanted to prevent a possible “disruption” stemming from students’ personal choice of graduation caps and gowns.

Rules are just as severe when it comes to student’s daily outfits. Christian Titman has had problems before as the high school did not allow him to wear long hair. However, he has managed to bend the rules by proving that long hair is part of his Native American culture and it is his right to keep it this way if he chooses so.

On Thursday, Titman has made a new conquest on behalf of his Pit River Tribe as he wore an eagle feather during his graduation day. The feather was proudly evinced by the Native American student next to his long dark tress.

Titman has won the appreciation of all his colleagues. The latter hurried to take pictures with him as they considered that Titman’s decision to stick to his principles is an act of courage. His mother told the press that the boy did not enjoy so much popularity until he has won the legal battle against the high school.

Christian Titman was not available for additional comments, in spite of the numerous requests he has received. He was even congratulated by the American Civil Liberties Union, who have stated that the boy’s determination to stick to rightful causes is an inspiration to all Native Americans.
Image Source: Fox News

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