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NES Classic Rekindles Childhood Memories • Mirror Daily

NES Classic features one old-school wired controller and a library of 30 games.

Remember the good old days, when you came rushing back from school just to play on your Nintendo console despite your mom telling you otherwise? Days have gone by, and console became more and more advanced. But what happened to simple things like blowing the dust from the game cartridge or trying to figure out why the TV set makes that funny noise?

Well, keep your wits about you and wish away your nostalgia, because Nintendo granted your wish. Introducing the NES Classic Edition, a modern spin-off after the time-honored console.

With the NES Classic, you will be able to replay all your favorite games and to relive all those great moments from your childhood. The NES Classic Edition is so small in size that it literally fits in your palm. This is great news for those who want to head over to a friend for a game of Super Mario Bros.

In addition, the retrofitted console comes with 30 classic Nintendo games including Gradius, Dr. Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Ice Climber, and the ever-popular Excitebike. All of these games have been remastered, in order to be compatible with high-definition TV sets.

The palm-sized NES console also comes with various video modes in order to make feel that you’re actually playing on a classic Nintendo console. So, if you like old-school gaming, then try switching to the CRT filter mode.

This option will scale the picture to its original size while keeping the original graphics intact. Furthermore, in order to make the experience even more veritable, the console was built to emulate that low-intensity buzzing sound emitted by the TV set after the console was connected.

Speaking of which, you won’t need to scavenge for TV/AV cables since the consoles are shipped out with an HDMI cable. Getting back to video modes, if you’re in love with classic Nintendo games, but you still want to play them in HD, you can try using the 4:3 mode which sharpens and stretches the picture.

Finally, for those who want to play the game in their original video format, but want sharper pictures, you can switch to the Pixel Perfect mode.

You can take home one of these bad boys after paying $60. If you want a second controller, you will need to pay ten more dollars. NES Classic’s only downside is that it has a three-foot long cable.

Image source: Wikipedia

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