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Netflix Officially Moved Its Data on Amazon • Mirror Daily

Netflix had to move billions of hours of TV content, movies and shows to the cloud storage.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – It’s started in 2008 after their own servers went down and the shortage caused a lot of problems for the company, but now, eight years later, Netflix officially moved its data on Amazon. The company owns more than a few billion hours of TV content and films, so it’s only logical that the move took so much time to complete.

The decision to move all of its content from the company’s servers to Amazon cloud storage came after a serious outage that took place in 2008. The incident corrupted large amounts of data and Netflix was unable to ship DVD’s to its paying members for almost three days.

And there have been other outages, but this was one of the most serious. Of course, there was also the outage that took place on Christmas in 2012 when a great deal of paying members was deprived of the privilege of watching a Christmas special movie with the entire family because of an outage. The problem was caused, this time, by the Amazon cloud servers on which the company moved all of its data.

Netflix officially moved its data on Amazon cloud servers and according to the company’s official blog, they are delighted with the fast streaming speeds and the growth of eight-fold memberships. Netflix also adds the fact that the eight-year-old transition was not entirely smooth, but the final result is in favor of the customers.

Maybe they were referring to the outage that took place at Christmas in 2012, or maybe they were trying to give explanations for other outages that caused Netflix to stop working for significant amounts of time.

The very good news is that since Netflix moved its data on Amazon, the streaming service will have a significantly better quality. According to what the company wrote on its official blog, there will be a total of 58 minutes in an entire year when Netflix will not be available for its customers.

They also added that failures cannot be avoided when working with so many data, even if the distributing system is one as sturdy and reliable as the cloud-based system. But Netflix ensures its customers that the company’s technicians are constantly building and testing new software that can improve the user’s experience on the site.

So the next time you Netflix and chill with someone, don’t worry, the technicians at Netflix are doing their best to offer you a smooth experience.

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