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New Automatic App Turns Dull Cars into Smart Cars • Mirror Daily

If we were to draw the line and generally describe modern technology the keyword would be: smart. Basically, all objects and, hopefully, persons surrounding us nowadays are smart.

Cars, however, have failed to enter this category as few of their technical specifications resemble the new features that smartphones have. Yes, cars may be able to sense you miles away, to light your doorsteps at night when your wife ‘accidentally’ forgot to turn it on for you. Yes, you may even telepathically suggest your car to prepare itself for the road and the humble servant will immediately start the engine, heat up the seats, clean the windows, iron your shirt… but we should probably get back to cars now.

All the aforementioned features, including the recent mobile connectivity that is available on some pocket-scooping models, do not turn your car into a smart car. It can perhaps account as a, let’s say, wretched insignificant $50,000 vehicle, but it will never be an olympic, Harvard-graduate or the likes.

Things are about to change, now, as a new Automatic app turns dull cars into smart cars. The system is definitely not new for car lovers and fans; it has just been made more accessible due to Automatic’s app.

The app is now available for download on devices running both iOS and Android software. Once the program has been added to your smartphone’s app list, the device will automatically connect to the car’s diagnostics port and, respectively, to the car’s computer board. Thus, data related to the car’s on road behavior is stored in the cloud through Bluetooth connectivity without even accessing the app.

Up until now, drivers, who wanted to keep an eye on their cars, did not have many options. They would normally take the car to an authorized car service center where engineers would connect their computers to the diagnostics port, thus getting access to all the car’s previous experience.

Thanks to Automatic App drivers can do this on their own, any time they start their engines. They can thus keep track of the car’s mileage, fuel consumption and register important on road activities. Maybe more important features could be the engine diagnostics, the parked car locator, and the emergency crash response that will most certainly make drivers’ life easier.

Automatic SDK did not say whether the app is available for free or not, but they assured users that the program is compatible with all cars. The new app may be a small step for your grandpa’s 1970s Ford Pinto, but it is definitely a huge step for car manufacturers, who might consider adding this technology to their future models.
Image Source: Mac Rumors

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