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New Cloud Platform from Google: Cloud BigTable • Mirror Daily

A new cloud platform from Google, Cloud BigTable has been announced on Wednesday morning by the company’s communication department. The upcoming service was described as a No SQL managed database for cloud users who need massive data storage location.

The illustrious minds of Google have designed Cloud BigTable having mainly one goal in mind, namely, to help users effectively store their large amounts of data petabytes.

This is the most important feature of the new product that the giant enterprise has stressed in the announcement of the new Cloud Service release.

Along with the specific information, Google’s Spokesperson has made public some of the characteristics making Cloud BigTable the very best thing among storage services.

The company has revealed that the new database service is using, broadly, the same technology as the already familiar services, MapReduce and Hadoop. Cloud BigTable is, therefore a no SQL managed database, which bears a close resemblance to Google Search, Gmail, and Google Analytics.

The search giant differentiates its new service from the rest of the existing cloud databases on the market by saying that the product is the only one capable of administering heavy data storages.

The cloud service is, therefore, perfect for enterprises and organizations dealing with business and financial services or for those related to the biomedical or telecommunication fields.

Google is absolutely convinced that the new Cloud BigTable service will quickly outrun all competitors’ products. According to Cory O’Connor, product manager at Google, the beta version of the cloud storage service is two times faster than all other similar products.

Cloud BigTable is not only the fastest and all-comprehensive cloud database, but it will also have the smallest total cost of ownership on the market, at present.

Google has directly or indirectly expressed its intentions to develop its cloud platform since the beginning of 2015. The search giant launched the beta model of Google Cloud Dataflow during last month and has now surprised its fans with the new Cloud BigTable.

The company explained their interest in data centralization and organization by revealing analysts the increasing need of the enterprises to easily obtain insights from their saved data.

The new cloud storage platform is expected to draw many more customers in the following months.

Although the company hasn’t provided specific data, analysts are keeping a close eye on Google’s evolution as the company’s value will most certainly register significant increases.
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