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New Discovery on Irish People Origins

Irish people have Black Sea ancestors

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Scientists are looking into our past to have a better understanding of where we came from and now they made a new discovery on Irish people origins.

Many of us are interested in the past. We want to learn about our ancestors, to know where we came from in the hopes of finding who we are. But it isn’t always very easy or at least not for individuals. Tracking down your ancestors might prove to be difficult and you usually get stuck at a grand-grand-grandmother or grandfather, not knowing where to go from there.

But what about entire people and their origins? Scientists and historians have tried in time to shed some light upon the matter. We know that scientifically speaking our farthest ancestors are apes. Historically speaking, each people has a story of how they got on the territory they’re now living on, how they manage to keep it and how the interacted with other people, influencing and being influenced.

According to a study conducted by a team of scientists at the Trinity College Dublin and Queens University Belfast, Irish people actually come from the Black Sea.  The scientists claim that Celtic people can easily be traced back about 4,000 years ago because they have very distinctive traits.

It seems that people from the Black Sea and the Middle East decided to go looking for good lands they could use for agriculture and Ireland seemed like just the place. Besides, it also had seas so they probably felt more like home there.

Scientists arrived to this conclusion by analyzing the ancient genomes of four people trying to find the genetic shift that took place. The people had lived between 4,000 and 5,000 years ago. One of them was a woman who, it is estimated, lived about 5,200 years ago somewhere in the area where Belfast is today. The woman’s DNA showed that she looked similar to Near East farmers.

The other three men lived 4,000 years ago and already had the Irish distinctive features such as blue eyes and light hair color. It is believed these genetic traits were brought from the territories where Russia, Georgia and Ukraine are located now.

All in all, it is surprising to see how much people really moved around in the past. And while the U.S. is a ‘melting pot’ of nations, because we mostly know who our ancestors are, being a younger people, we don’t know how many other people in the world actually share our ‘melting pot’ feature.

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