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New 'Doom' Level from Co-Creator John Romero 21 Years Later

This game is responsible for pretty much all the progress PC shooters made to date

(Mirror Daily, United States) – You truly know that a product is good when clients keep using it decades after it originally came out. Despite many more games reaching the status of ‘classic’ after the first Doom game came out, it still remains one of the most modded games ever. And in a twist that would even impress Shyamalan, we got a whole New ‘Doom’ Level from Co-Creator John Romero 21 Years Later.

That’s right, after being one of the most modded and ported games in history, as well as a trend setter and the forefather of pretty much all shooters to date, Doom has managed to surprise it loyal army of fans once again.

Coming from the best possible source it could come from, the new level is basically a redesign of the old E1M8 level, titled simply E1M8B.

John Romero, the co-creator of the original and unforgettable Doom game tweeted the completed map on January 15, stating that he made it in the original Doom WAD software released by the company in 1990.

21 years after he completed the design of his last level for the game, John Romero returned to the Doom world with a reiteration of the boss level for E1M8, the eighth and last level for Doom’s first episode, Knee-Deep in the Dead.

He also said that he used the same modding tool used to create the original game in order to be restricted to the time frame’s technological capabilities. Romero also stated that it took him two weeks of his spare time to finish the level.

The Doom co-creator also said in a press e-mail that the level was the obvious choice for him, as it was the only level he didn’t make from the shareware Doom episode.

He continues by praising Sandy Petersen’s, his co-creator’s work, saying that he did a terrific job with the unforgettable Barons of Hell boss level, and that he wanted to try his hand at redesigning the level himself.

If you want to play the new map you need to own the original Doom game, as well as a modding tool such as ZDoom.

Of course, the map is playable for all game modes – single player, co-operative, and even death match, the game mode first created by the Doom creators themselves, now popular in most shooters.

With a new game supposedly coming out this year – a tentative release date given by Amazon was this July, but with the lack of marketing the game is seeing, we might as well expect it this winter, or maybe next year – Doom is now more fresh than ever in its fans’ minds, especially with the new redesigned map.

Image source: Wikimedia

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