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New Honda Civic Type R Concept Displayed at Paris Motor Show • Mirror Daily

Former Honda Civic model

(Mirror Daily, United States) The widely-appreciated Paris Motor Show begun this weekend in the city capital of France, and it will last for the next two weeks, until October 16. One of the most remarkable models that visitors can see is the new Honda Civic Type R Concept. Here are some details on the impressive vehicle.

Although it is just a concept, the Honda model drew a lot of attention from visitors and specialists. The features of the Honda Civic Type R Concept can only predict good things about the upcoming vehicle, which will be destined to production.

The new Honda Civic Type R Concept has both the looks and the technology that can turn the model into the public’s favorite. As far as design is concerned, developers were inspired by that of Civic Hatchback, another car from Honda. It naturally features the red Honda label, while the body is elegantly black. The air dam is a bit larger than that of the hatchback model. The wheels display red stripes, which elegantly match the other subtle red details of the car, contrasting with the black color.

The lights on the front are white, but the taillights are also red, which lead to more contrast. The back of the car also features the Type R badge, and the Honda sign, just like the front. The tailpipes are positioned in the middle, as opposes to the side tailpipes of previous models.

The new Honda Civic Type R Concept brings improvement if compared to previous models. It has approximately three hundred fifty horsepower. All in all, it can be described as a more aggressive car, in both looks and action. Even the shape of the car contributes to it.

Although specialists and visitors can tell details on the appearance of the car just by looking at it, they still don’t know what is inside the new Honda Civic Type R Concept. Developers haven’t released any information yet. The former Type R model featured many red details. However, it was quite different from its own former model.

With its elegant, but sporty design, the new Honda Civic Type R Concept keeps its mysteries behind closed doors. However, there are still some high points about its exterior which make us believe that the interior is just as good. Is the new  Honda Civic Type R Concept one of your favorite cars at the Paris Motor Show this year?

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