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New Instagram Option Saves Drafts of Your Unreleased Posts • Mirror Daily

The new Instagram option is now available.

(Mirror Daily, United States) After releasing its impressive text filters, Instagram rolls out a new feature. The popular social media network provides users with “Save Draft.”  The new Instagram option allows them to save their unreleased posts as drafts and not worry about forgetting their ideas or not have enough time to revise the post.

The new Instagram option is now available for all users. It has already been tested this summer, so developers are now sure that users will be pleased with it. It is now your turn to make sure to hit the Save Draft button whenever you are not convinced about the quality of your post.

Now, how does the new Instagram option work? It is quite simple. You have to upload a picture, customize it with effects, type a text or provide information on the location. If you need more time to make the right decision about any of these details, you can always save your changes. You will find them just the same whenever you come back to your Instagram account.

If you decide to postpone your post, you can find it in the draft section, thanks to the new Instagram option. Your drafts can be a few hours old, as well as days or weeks. Your draft section will store unreleased posts for as long as you need, so you can take your time thinking about the final touches.

Developers at Instagram seem to be more and more considerate about their users’ time management. This is how the idea of the new Instagram option seems to have occurred to them. Thanks to this new feature, interruptions and connection problems won’t bother you anymore. You can save the changes to your post, and come back to it later when you have enough time to think about how you really want it to look on your account.

The Save Draft feature can turn out to be quite useful for any users, but especially for people running a business. They can now prepare posts in advance and release them later. This also falls into the category of tricks for time management.

Instagram has been making several improvements recently. Its new features give users more control over their account and customize it with different effects, among others. The latest option called “Save Draft” is now available for all users, and their application needs no updating.

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